Using business intelligence to understand the Japan crisis

Business-intelligence technology is typically used to derive meaning and make decisions from data like sales, costs and other corporate trends. But what could BI tell us about the ongoing crisis in Japan? That was the question that popped to the minds of the people at Extended Results, a business-intelligence consulting firm in Redmond (and the… Read More


Latest on Microsoft in Japan

Microsoft is among the many U.S. companies whose operations were impacted by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here’s a status report from the company, issued yesterday afternoon and still current as of this morning. We’ll post further updates as they’re available. Microsoft has activated its Disaster Response protocol and is currently accounting for… Read More

Tracking the tsunami online, even before the quake

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we’ve been checking frequently with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for updates and YouTube’s CitizenTube (via AllThingsD) for videos that provide a sense for the intense scenes on the ground. Feel free to share links to your own favorite online resources below. Tsunami waves have hit… Read More