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Playing with your emotions: EA shows off new touchy-feely features for The Sims, FIFA

Amazing new graphics and head-splitting soundtracks are usually the focus at E3, the annual game conference in Los Angeles, where attendees consider earplugs a mandatory accessory. But today, Electronic Arts showed off a softer side of the business, by announcing two titles that will try to appeal to another one of our senses: Our emotions. The first title to get an… Read More


Xbox Live dumping Microsoft Points, ending 100-friend limit, adding Gold account sharing

Microsoft confirmed this morning that it will be shifting away from its Microsoft Points virtual currency for purchasing games and other items on Xbox Live. The company made the announcement as it released new details about the upcoming Xbox One console. “We’re moving from Microsoft Points to real money,” said Marc Whitten, the Xbox Live… Read More


Ask Andru: Is Wii U really a next-generation console?

Today we received a question about Nintendo’s upcoming console release, Wii U, with GeekWire reader Alex wondering why the company continues to release new peripherals for a console that’s seen better days. Question: What’s up with the Wii U? Why is Nintendo releasing yet another expensive peripheral for the aging Wii? Nintendo originally announced Wii… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Amazon’s strategy, Apple’s iCloud, and Nintendo’s crazy new controller

This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we recap a big week in tech news — including Jeff Bezos at the Amazon.com shareholders meeting; Apple’s Steve Jobs at the Cupertino City Council; and Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo at the E3 video-game convention. Then we’re joined by journalist Glenn Fleishman to talk about the latest from Apple, including… Read More

Sony’s new PS Vita handheld: $249 WiFi, $299 3G, on AT&T

Sony this evening unveiled the official name for the successor to its PlayStation Portable. Dubbed the PlayStation Vita, the new handheld will launch later this year, with a WiFi version retailing for $249 and the 3G model going for $299. The company made the announcement at the E3 video-game convention in Los Angeles. There were… Read More


Xbox plans Live TV, YouTube, Bing search, hints at DVR

Microsoft this morning confirmed plans to offer a live television service to users of its Xbox Live service, and hinted that it will include or connect to digital video recording features. The Xbox Live TV service was announced during the company’s briefing at the E3 video-game convention in Los Angeles. Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten… Read More


Video: Kinect goes Star Wars

One of the E3 leaks from Microsoft’s website this morning was a new Star Wars game for the Kinect motion-sensor, and a teaser video is already available on YouTube. Watch it above. Microsoft’s E3 event is starting at 9:30 a.m. here. Stay tuned for more.