Update: Amazon disputes our report that it’s ending Kindle e-ink app developer program

Updated throughout to reflect Amazon comment disputing this story.  Two developers of third-party apps for Kindle readers say they were informed by representatives this week that the company would be winding down its “Active Content” app developer program for Kindle e-ink devices and would no longer accept any new app submissions. Following the initial publication… Read More


Here’s why the U.S. State Department picked Amazon’s Kindle over iPad and Nook

In a deal valued at $16.5 million, the U.S. Department of State has awarded a 5-year contract to put tens of thousands of Kindle electronic readers in educational centers around the world. Nextgov reports that the e-readers will be used for educational purposes, helping individuals overseas study English at libraries, educational centers, reading rooms… Read More


Heads up: Amazon limits 3G web access on Kindle Touch 3G

If you’re thinking about getting one of the new Amazon Kindle Touch e-readers, and trying to decide between the $99 WiFi version and the $149 version with free 3G wireless access, some important news emerged over the weekend that you might want to take into account before forking over the extra $50. Basically, you won’t… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle making new attempt to fit in at college’s Kindle e-reader has struggled to make inroads on college campuses, as an alternative to traditional paper textbooks. Findings released this spring by the University of Washington found that fewer than 40 percent of students involved in a pilot program at the school stuck with the device for reading. Many of them found old-school paper… Read More


Free Kindle? Don’t count on it

For many months there has been speculation that might ultimately give away its Kindle e-reader as a way of cementing its position in the market and selling more digital books. Yesterday’s announcement of an ad-supported Kindle for $114 might have seemed like more evidence supporting that theory. But it turns out that’s not the… Read More


How Amazon added real page numbers to Kindle books last month announced that it was adding “real” page numbers to Kindle books — corresponding to the page numbers in print copies of the same titles. But how, exactly, did the company pull of this technological feat? An interesting behind-the-scenes writeup today on Amazon’s Kindle Daily Post blog explains how. The underlying tools —… Read More