Amazon: Why $9.99 e-books are better for everyone, including Hachette

Amazon has gone public with new details about its high-profile standoff with book publisher Hachette, confirming that the e-commerce giant is trying to lock in a standard price of $9.99 for e-books — and making the case that the lower price is actually better for everyone involved, including the publisher. “Many e-books are being released at $14.99 and even $19.99,”… Read More


Amazon says its Hachette standoff is ‘in the long-term interest of our customers’

A top executive for Amazon’s e-book business is defending the company’s tactics in its high-profile dispute with publisher Hachette, saying that it’s “acting in the long-term interest of our customers.” “This discussion is all about e-book pricing,” said Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s senior vice president of Kindle content, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “The terms under… Read More


App of the Week: Oyster is the Netflix of e-books

For book lovers, one of the great things about the explosion of the e-book market is the ability to put hundreds of tomes on a single device and read them whenever possible. An e-book addiction can get quite expensive, though: spending $10 on a book every few days adds up quickly. That’s where Oyster comes in. The service is… Read More

Barnes & Noble CEO Michael Huseby

Interview: Barnes & Noble CEO ‘not worried about Amazon’ as Nook ties fortunes to Samsung

Barnes & Noble laid out a new plan for its Nook e-reader business this morning, announcing plans to partner with Samsung on a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. So what does this mean for the bookseller’s partnership with Microsoft, and its competition with Amazon? GeekWire spoke with Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby via phone this morning, getting… Read More


E-book payouts in the works: Apple, Amazon send notices

People who purchased certain e-books from Amazon, Apple and other digital retailers will receive payouts estimated to range from 30 cents to $1.32 per title under a proposed price-fixing settlement between three book publishers and U.S. states. The payouts will come from a $69 million fund established using settlement money from the publishers: Hachette, HarperCollins and… Read More


Amazon publishing unit to make e-books available via rival retailers’s New York-based publishing business has entered into a deal with Ingram to distribute its e-book titles, opening up the possibility that competitors such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Apple could carry the works, paidContent reports. There’s no guarantee that any of those rivals will actually carry e-books published by Amazon, and paidContent’s Laura… Read More


E-books: Apple rails against DOJ and ‘monopolist’ Amazon

Apple isn’t merely contesting allegations that it conspired with major book publishers to fix prices in the e-book industry, it’s disputing them vehemently. That much is clear based on a new filing from the company laying out its defense in the case. “The Government sides with monopoly, rather than competition, in bringing this case,” Apple… Read More


Amazon Kindle library lending program launches in beta is has begun publicly testing its new Kindle e-book lending program at two major library systems in its home region, the Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System, in apparent preparation for a larger national rollout. The news was reported earlier by Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader, after Seattle-area library users noticed… Read More

George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin joins Amazon’s ‘Kindle Million Club’

After visiting in Seattle recently, legendary fantasy and science fiction writer George R.R. Martin observed that the company was “selling lots o’ books.” He wasn’t kidding. The author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, has become the latest person to sell more than 1 million Kindle books, marking his entry into the… Read More


Report: Amazon plans digital book subscription service

Amazon wants to bring the concept of digital subscriptions to electronic books — opening up a catalog of content to people who pay an annual fee, according to a Wall Street Journal report today, citing anonymous sources. Some sites are calling the idea “a Netflix for books,” but just to be clear, that’s a reference… Read More


New Kindle ‘@author’ feature lets readers ask writers questions from inside their books today unveiled a new Kindle feature, @author, that will let readers ask questions of authors while reading their books. Confused about the motivations of a particular character? Curious about the author’s literary influences? Need to clarify a particular step in that how-to book? Now you can ask questions from within the e-book itself. As… Read More


Kindle Daily Deal: Amazon debuts e-book discounts this morning debuted a new e-book discount program, Kindle Daily Deal, that will offer one Kindle book each day at a specially discounted price. Depending on the quality of the selected titles, this promises to be highly interesting for voracious readers or deal hounds, or people who are some combination of the two. The… Read More


Fish & chips with your Moby Dick? Microsoft seeks patent on ads inside e-books

A newly surfaced Microsoft patent application proposes to serve ads inside e-books, adjusting their relevance based on the contents of the digital tome, similar to the way search engines deliver ads next to query results. The application for “Providing Contextual Advertisements for Electronic Books” was originally submitted in January 2010 and made public earlier today…. Read More

Story HD_01ss

Google reveals first native eBooks device, promises more

Will this device give Amazon’s Kindle a run for its money? Probably not, at least not on its own, but it’s a notable step for Google’s digital books initiative, as the first dedicated device with the search company’s eBooks platform integrated into the experience out of the box. The price of the iRiver Story HD… Read More