Dropbox Pro picks up new features, lower prices

Dropbox has updated its Dropbox Pro premium online storage product today in order to make large amounts of storage more affordable and provide some key new security features. Starting today, premium subscribers will get 1 TB of storage for $9.99 a month, or $99 a year, which is a major upgrade over Dropbox’s past pricing…. Read More


App of the Week: Carousel takes Dropbox photos for a spin

Dropbox is one of the leading providers of consumer cloud storage, but the company’s bread and butter has been offering users a folder on their computer that syncs to the cloud. Dropbox’s service has branched out to allow app data syncing and automated camera uploads, but Dropbox’s core interface hasn’t gotten much better. Working through… Read More


Dropbox expands into email business with Mailbox deal

Here’s a new bar for startups: Mailbox, the trendy iPhone email app, has been acquired even before clearing its wait-list of new users. But what’s more interesting about this deal is the company making the acquisition — Dropbox — and what it could mean for Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive and other tech giants competing in… Read More


Dropbox ‘acqui-hires’ Seattle music service Audiogalaxy

Audiogalaxy, a music streaming service that was initially created more than a decade ago by developer Michael Merhej, has been acquired by fast-growing Dropbox for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition has led to all sorts of speculation that a cloud music service might be on the way for Dropbox, which could be an interesting twist… Read More


Google Drive in the wild? Screenshot and possible logo

Google appears to be getting closer to the launch of its online storage service: A GeekWire reader says Google Drive has been enabled in his Google Account — as shown in the screenshot above, which has been redacted for the sake of his privacy. Another tidbit: The image at right (which we’ve enlarged for better… Read More

(Flickr photo via Chris Samuel)

11 productivity tools that your startup ought to use

If you’ve ever been part of a startup, then you know how much hard work it involves. And you usually don’t have enough people to get all the work done! That’s why entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut down on distractions and work faster and smarter. The following is a list of eleven… Read More


Technology Law: The Dropbox Doth Protest Too Much

Dropbox updated its terms of service last week and a firestorm of controversy ensued. Many thought Dropbox was setting itself up to take license rights in user content that went beyond what a storage service should need — as though Dropbox might be planning to monetize user content in some fashion. Dropbox responded by changing its… Read More