Senator Jay Rockefeller, via Flickr

Senator calls .sucks domains ‘predatory shakedown scheme,’ but Seattle-area companies want to capitalize

Want to register How about Or Not so fast. Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, who chairs the Senate’s Commerce Committee, wrote a letter to ICANN today arguing that the organization which controls all of the domain name registration on the Internet should not allow companies to start registering websites with the… Read More


Donuts to administer Chinese domain name for ‘games’

Bellevue startup Donuts has received approval from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to administer .游戏, an internationalized domain name that translates to “games” in Chinese characters. It marks the first domain name that Donuts plans to release over the next year, with the agreement signed at ICANN’s 47th public meeting in South Africa. “The current… Read More


Domain name operator Donuts passes background checks, names new CTO

Donuts, the heavily-funded Bellevue startup, has made it through initial evaluation tests conducted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The evaluation included a look at the company’s financial and technical fitness, as well as background checks of the company’s staff. The initial tests were conduced in this instance around Donuts’ efforts to… Read More

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Microsoft, Expedia, others file complaint over Google’s domain name ‘land grab’, a lobbying group whose backers include Microsoft, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Nokia, has filed objections over Google’s attempts to take control of genric top-level domains such as .search, .fly, .map and more than 100 other extensions. Calling it a domain name “land grab,” Farisearch argues in its complaint to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and… Read More


Donuts and Cheezburger among WSJ’s top 50 VC-backed startups

Investors are always chasing the “next big thing” in technology. And now The Wall Street Journal has created a list of its picks of those venture-backed companies poised for the big leagues. Will some crash and burn? Undoubtedly. But after considering nearly 6,000 companies, here are the top 50 startups that The Wall Street Journal… Read More


From .art to .microsoft to .zappos: Applicants revealed in domain name land grab

Some of the biggest names in technology, as well as some prospecting upstarts have entered applications with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for hundreds of new Internet domain name extensions. The list includes common words, such as .auto, .attorney, .baby and .beer, as well as well-known proper names such as .Google. .FedEx and… Read More