Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son.

Sprint steps back from T-Mobile deal following regulators’ public opposition

Sprint executives are reconsidering their bid for T-Mobile following regulatory pressure, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. While Sprint always knew getting a merger approved would be an uphill battle, unnamed sources familiar with the matter told the WSJ that the company wasn’t expecting a strong, swift and very public opposition from regulators. … Read More


A T-Mobile-Sprint merger? Not so fast, say U.S. regulators

Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse met with the U.S. Justice Department earlier this month to discuss a possible merger between Softbank-owned Sprint and T-Mobile, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. However, the Justice Department officials were skeptical about a possible merger between America’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers. One of… Read More


Apple blasts DOJ’s ‘absurdly broad’ remedy as a ‘draconian and punitive intrusion’

This morning, the Justice Department proposed a remedy in the Apple e-book pricing case that requested a smorgasbord of sanctions against the Cupertino-based company. Unsurprisingly, Apple was not particularly happy with the ideas that the DOJ set forth. “Plaintiffs’ proposed injunction is a draconian and punitive intrusion into Apple’s business, wildly out of proportion to… Read More

Aaron Swartz

Untangling Justice: The case of Aaron Swartz

Commentary: I spent much of Saturday trying to reconcile two very different approaches to justice meted out by the Obama Administration. The first is old (mid-December) news: British bank HSBC launders money for at least a decade and is fined four weeks earnings. I learned about it Friday from The Daily Show. Blatant laundering, moving “tainted… Read More


Verizon CEO: The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile ‘had to occur’

A number of big technology companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Oracle, have come out in support of AT&T’s $39 billion bid for T-Mobile.  But here’s one that might surprise you: Verizon Communications. Currently the biggest wireless carrier in the U.S. and the top rival to AT&T, one might think that they’d be at odds with… Read More