PebbleBee founders

Boeing engineers create the PebbleBee, so you never lose your keys, kids or TV remote

Are you one of those folks who always seems to lose your keys, cell phone or TV remote control? Well, don’t sweat. Here comes the PebbleBee. Developed by Boeing software engineers Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks, the PebbleBee is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled device that affixes to various personal items, notifying users if they happen to wander outside… Read More


Can this name change really save BlackBerry?

BlackBerry continues to wither on the vine, with market share for the once iconic smartphone maker slipping to under five percent. So, can a company name change salvage what’s left? I guess it’s worth a shot. As anticipated, Research in Motion — the maker of the BlackBerry — changed its corporate name to BlackBerry this… Read More

Robin Elanga of Revel Body

This dude just raised $800,000 in 4 hours for a sonic vibrator designed to stimulate the sex toy industry

There was certainly a lot of buzz around Robin Elenga’s latest angel financing round, literally and figuratively. Elenga is the maker of the Revel Body, an innovative new vibrator that we’ve written about in the past for being faster and quieter than other sex toys on the market. The tennis ball-shaped product, which can operate… Read More


View-Master 2.0: Seattle entrepreneurs create Poppy to turn iPhones into 3D viewers

Remember, the classic View-Master device? Well, two Seattle area entrepreneurs — Urbanspoon co-founder Ethan Lowry and Snapvine founder Joe Heitzeberg — are looking to re-create that experience for the iPhone generation. Their new oddly-shaped device is called Poppy, and it turns iPhones into a camera “capable of capturing, viewing and sharing full-motion, full-color video and… Read More


Contour inks deal to put helmet-mounted cameras in Yamaha motorcycle shops

Seattle-based Contour has sealed a deal to sell its line of helmet-mounted HD video cameras at Yamaha Motor Corp. dealers across the country, another big retail distribution point for the Seattle company. The news follows a deal last year in which Apple agreed to start carrying Contour’s top-of-the-line video camera. “Riding motorcycles, ATV’s, side x… Read More


Google, Boingo bring free Wi-Fi to 4,000 hotspots (but not for Windows Phone or iPhone)

Boingo Wireless and Google Play announced a new partnership today to bring free Wi-Fi to more than 4,000 hotspots across the country, including 15 airports (Chicago O’Hare, New York’s JFK, Seattle-Tacoma, etc.) as well subways, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. The offering is part of Boingo’s new Cloud Nine Media platform, an advertising platform which… Read More


Samsung gains smartphone market share as Apple preps for latest iPhone launch

Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market, but Apple could see a resurgence with the introduction of its new iPhone model expected later this year. That’s the latest from Gartner, which today released a report on worldwide mobile phone sales. “High-profile smartphone launches from key manufacturers such as the anticipated Apple iPhone 5, along with… Read More


Apple and Twitter: How would an alliance alter the tech biz?

Well, here’s an interesting one for you to contemplate this weekend. The New York Times is reporting that Apple has discussed the possibility of investing “hundreds of millions” of dollars in Twitter at a valuation of more than $10 billion. Citing people familiar with the matter, The Times notes that an investment in Twitter could… Read More

CLEAR Stick Atlas

Clearwire intros $49 USB modem to connect users to 4G

Clearwire today introduced a new 4G USB modem called the Clear Stick Atlas, a device that’s designed to give customers access to the company’s 4G wireless network without the hassle of installing additional software. Weighing in at 1.1 ounces and measuring 1.2 inches wide, the company says that the Clear Stick Atlas easily fits into… Read More


As Apple unveils iPhone 4S, Android continues to surge

Apple released its new iPhone 4S this week, touting an 8 megapixel camera, better battery life and improved speeds. But is that enough to stop the Android juggernaut? Google’s mobile operating system continues to gain share in the smartphone market, according to a new report out from comScore. For the three month period ended in August,… Read More


Kobo opens a new chapter, introduces ‘touch’ to e-reader

Kobo faces tough competition from the likes of’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. But the 2-year-old Canadian upstart, which just last month landed $50 million in financing, is hoping that it can turn a new page on electronic reading devices. Today, the company is announcing the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, which like the name suggests… Read More