GeekWire Calendar Picks: DeveloperWeek, Seattle Sports Tech Meetup, and more

San Francisco’s largest week-long tech event series is coming to Seattle. DeveloperWeek Seattle brings together hundreds of developers, technology executives, and startup founders “not just to learn new skills — but to build new apps, get jobs, and connect to the Seattle tech scene,” according to the event organizers. The week will kick off Friday… Read More

Matt Lerner

Commentary: How I taught my kids Python programming

I wanted to expose my kids to programming because it’s a great skill and a powerful way of thinking. And my kids spend enough time playing Angry Birds and Cut the Rope on my iPhone that I figure they should get a peek behind the curtain at how programming works. So whether you’ve never programmed… Read More


Nokia’s rewards program for Windows Phone developers uses gamification model

Lots of mobile companies offer rewards to developers who make apps on their platforms. But Nokia’s new DVLUP program is a little different, using a gamification model that encourages competition among Windows Phone developers. What’s particularly interesting about DVLUP is that it provides a chance for developers to boost the visibility of their apps within… Read More


Amazon ‘Developer Select’ offers rewards to app makers, Amazon Coins to their users

Amazon says it will offer extra promotion and cloud computing credits to app developers who optimize their software for the company’s Kindle Fire tablets and exclusively use Amazon’s services for in-app purchasing, mobile ads and video games. The Amazon “Developer Select” program, announced this morning, also will give users an incentive to buy apps from… Read More


Apple slowly bringing developer resources back online following security breach

Following a security breach last week that closed down its developer website, Apple is slowly returning functionality to its tools for developers. The company has created a system status page that shows whether or not a particular service is online. Currently, iTunes Connect and the company’s bug reporter are online, and the current maintenance message… Read More


Let’s get ready to rumble: Join me this weekend for my first-ever hackathon adventure

I’m part nervous, a little excited and honestly, a bit scared. My first hackathon experience, which I’m going to document on GeekWire, commences Friday night. Two nights before Sunday’s Super Bowl, developers and designers will come together at the downtown HUB Seattle for a unique weekend-long, sports-themed hackathon called Sports HackDay. Hackers will compete for two main… Read More


Community service, tech-style: GiveCamp kicks off Friday

Calling developers, geeks and techies alike: Here’s a chance to give back by using your passion and skills for technology. GiveCamp, a weekend-long event that brings together software developers, designers and database administrators who donate their time to build custom software for non-profits, kicks off at the Microsoft Commons this Friday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. and… Read More


Apple’s iOS 6: Here’s what developers love (and hate)

Apple’s iOS 6 boasts more than 200 new features, many of them small fixes and incremental improvements. Others are bigger and bolder, like maps, turn-by-turn directions and the Passbook mobile wallet. But what’s really inside iOS 6? I reached out to some top Seattle area iOS app developers today to get their take on the… Read More


Attention geeks: Your government needs you (and it’s offering $75,000 for new apps)

Ready, set, develop. The City of Seattle, King County and Washington State officially kicked off the first-ever Evergreen Apps Challenge today, a competition in which geeks from around Washington state are encouraged to build new travel, transportation, recycling or other apps that could benefit those living here. We first wrote about the competition back in May when… Read More


Comedy: When developers and designers try to communicate

Do you see yourself in this video? The recent HIVE 2011 design conference in Redmond opened with an exclusive skit by Charles, a Seattle-based sketch comedy duo, spotlighting the classic communication barrier between technology developers and designers. The video was just recently posted online. The conference focused on the value of design in technology. See the… Read More


Microsoft vets launch Buddy to provide the ‘plumbing’ for mobile app development

About three years ago, Jeffrey MacDuff and Dave McLauchlan designed an iPhone application called Buddy which allowed users to locate running, study or drinking buddies who were nearby. The free app never really took off, especially as services like Foursquare gained momentum. But the Microsoft managers — who worked on the app in their spare time —… Read More

Evan Jacobs

Seattle geek wins eBay ‘speed hack’ contest at SXSW

Seattle software developer Evan Jacobs wasn’t really looking to spend his Sunday afternoon building a new app on the back of eBay’s platform. But when he stumbled upon the eBay Hangover Party and Speed Hack competition at SXSW, the 38-year-old former developer thought he’d give it a shot. He had just two hours to… Read More