Dell exec to Steve Ballmer: Please rename Windows RT

At least one person wasn’t happy with the way Microsoft was naming its new ARM tablet operating system. Dell vice-chairman Jeffrey Clarke spoke at a conference last week and told a story of how he urged Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year to rename Windows RT because it couldn’t run traditional Windows applications. Clarke… Read More


How the iPad made Apple the top ‘PC’ vendor, and what it means for Windows

What is a “personal computer” in 2012? Do tablets count? Most of the major technology research firms say no. As reflected in the chart above, they count PCs and tablets separately when reporting their data. “Media tablets” such as the iPad and Kindle Fire are separate from traditional desktop and notebook computers. But increasingly it’s becoming… Read More


CES: Dell jumps into the Ultrabook game with XPS 13

Posting from Las Vegas: This year’s Consumer Electronics Show may well be remembered as the year of the Ultrabook, and Dell took a plunge into the increasingly competitive market this afternoon, appearing at Intel’s news conference to unveil Dell XPS 13. One of the big selling points is its frameless edge-to-edge screen, which means that… Read More


Intellectual Ventures sues HP, Dell and others over patents

Dell, HP, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others have been sued by Intellectual Ventures, the Bellevue-based company run by former Microsoft technology chief Nathan Myhrvold, as part of a broader patent dispute with two makers of common types of memory used in computers and gadgets. The lawsuit, filed yesterday in federal court in Seattle, targets Hynix… Read More