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Hey AT&T, don’t throttle me!

There’s a great debate that occasionally rages here in the GeekWire offices. Unlimited cellular data plans, or lower-cost metered plans? GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop dumped his unlimited data plan with AT&T in 2012, and has preceded to flog me both privately and publicly ever since. I’m wasting money, he says. I’ve stuck with the higher… Read More


Microsoft hires its own chief economist, from Google

Microsoft this morning announced a new position of chief economist inside the company, and named Preston McAfee — most recently Google’s director of strategic technologies — to fill the role. Apart from picking up a key person from one of its biggest rivals, the position represents an effort by Microsoft’s new leadership team to change how… Read More


Here’s what Tableau CEO Christian Chabot thinks about competing against Microsoft, MicroStrategy and everyone else

Microsoft is making a big play in big data, with CEO Satya Nadella noting at the company’s “Insights Await” event in San Francisco last month that he planned to invest heavily in business intelligence tools that are designed to help users make more sense out of data. That’s squarely in line with Tableau Software’s mission… Read More


Porch rolls out Lowe’s partnership nationally, reaching 1,700 stores

After a successful test in pilot markets, Seattle-based home-improvement data startup Porch has expanded its partnership with Lowe’s to all of the retailer’s locations across the United States, reaching more than 1,700 stores. The national rollout, announced this morning, makes the Porch service available to Lowe’s employees on mobile phones and kiosks, as a way to help Lowe’s… Read More


University of Washington part of 5-year, $37.8M effort to apply data science to genetics, economics and other fields

It’s becoming an increasingly data driven world. And those organizations that can make sense of the vast arrays of information are poised to lead the way to new innovations, and hopefully a better way for all of us to live. Now, the University of Washington, along with a consortium that includes the University of California,… Read More


More transparency: Microsoft not satisfied with government’s new security request plan

Back when the NSA’s snooping practices were revealed in June, Microsoft joined fellow tech giants Google and Facebook in asking the U.S. government for more transparency in regard to government requests for national security information. Late Thursday, the government responded with a plan to release annual reports detailing its requests for customer security data. Microsoft, however, isn’t satisfied and plans to… Read More


Tableau makes Tableau Desktop free to investigative journalists, letting them keep projects private

Tableau Software is making its premium Tableau Desktop data visualization software free to members of the Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) group, helping keep their work under wraps until it’s ready to be published. Many of these journalists have been using the free Tableau Public service, which was designed to be used with public data… Read More


Video: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ checks out Google Glass for first time: ‘How do I reset?’

Follow up: Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel and the link between humanity and technology Google Glass is the type of futuristic gadget you might see on Star Trek. So, what does Lieutenant Commander Data — also known as actor Brent Spiner — think of the futuristic eyewear? Spiner got a first-hand look today when… Read More


Big offering for big data: Tableau prices stock at $31 per share

Tableau Software had been boosting its proposed price for Friday’s initial public offering for the past few weeks and now we’ve got a concrete number. The company will price its shares at $31 for Friday’s IPO and offer five million shares, while stockholders are offering 3.2 million shares. It marks the biggest tech IPO of the year, with… Read More


Fast-growing Tableau sets IPO range at $23 to $26 per share

Tableau Software, the fast-growing 10-year-old Seattle company which helps businesses and organization make better sense of their data, has set terms for its upcoming initial public offering, telling investors that it plans to sell 7.2 million shares at between $23 and $26 per share. At the $24.50 mid-point of that range, Tableau could raise $111.4… Read More


‘Sports Hack Day’ Diary: Pitching ideas, picking teams and getting started on a football ‘PED or Not’ app

SEATTLE — Ready, set, hack. Just 12 hours after kickoff and we’re well underway at Sports Hack Day. I’m here at the HUB Seattle documenting my first-ever hackathon experience and am already realizing what a melting pot of wicked smart ideas these things are. We got started Friday night with a keynote from Vantage CTO Cameron Tangney and… Read More


Olympics traffic jams not as bad as feared, INRIX finds

Gearing up for the Summer Olympics in London, one of the concerns in London was about the traffic. But it turns out the situation isn’t as bad some feared. That’s the word from INRIX, the Kirkland, Wash.-based traffic information startup. The company ramped up its services for the Olympics to help athletes, fans, journalists, British… Read More


HTC pulls plug on data backup service, promises new offering

Phone maker HTC is shutting down, a backup service that allows users to save contacts, messages, photos and other material in the cloud. Users are encouraged to take possession of their information by April 30th at which time the data will be deleted. “ is undergoing a renovation to improve the services and value… Read More


Clearwire’s Q1, by the numbers: Record revenue, larger loss

It has been an eventful few months for Clearwire, the Kirkland-based mobile broadband company — from the ouster of its CEO to the resolution of a pricing dispute with Sprint, its majority owner. In the same way, the company’s first-quarter earnings today were a mixed bag, with higher revenues and record subscribers but a wider… Read More