Microsoft explores powering data centers with fuel cells

According to a new report by Microsoft Research, the company is exploring the possibility of getting its server architecture off the grid without turning to wind turbines or solar panels. Instead, the company is looking to implement fuel cells as a source of power for its data centers. Sustainable server architecture is nothing new, what… Read More


Google looking to expand data center in Oregon

Google has plans to expand its data center footprint in The Dalles, Ore., with a new 164,000 square foot building that is a wee bit larger than the two centers already up and running there. The search giant last week submitted plans to the city to construct a data center that’s 75 to 80 feet high,… Read More


Turning poop into power: Microsoft building innovative data center to test clean power resource strategies

Think about human waste inside of a toilet. Yes, I know, gross. Now, think about power for a data center. Two completely separate entities, right? Not to Microsoft, a company that believes the bond between the two could mean cleaner power resources for its massive data centers. The Redmond-based software giant announced today that it… Read More

Facebook 'Open Compute' triplet server racks

Apple breaks ground on giant Northwest data center

Construction has begun on Apple’s 338,000-square-foot, $68 million data-center building in Prineville, Ore. — the first of two giant structures planned for the property. The Oregonian reports that Apple has cleared and flattened land for the building, which will be twice the size of a Costco warehouse. Apple’s facility sits right across from Facebook’s equally-large data… Read More