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Hey AT&T, don’t throttle me!

There’s a great debate that occasionally rages here in the GeekWire offices. Unlimited cellular data plans, or lower-cost metered plans? GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop dumped his unlimited data plan with AT&T in 2012, and has preceded to flog me both privately and publicly ever since. I’m wasting money, he says. I’ve stuck with the higher… Read More


Specs on wheels: Women’s online eyeglass seller Rivet & Sway debuts pop-up shop on a tricycle

First robots, then custom suits, and now eye-glasses. Seattle sure is getting its share of local online apparel startups dropping physical temporary pop-up stores. The latest is from Rivet & Sway, a Seattle startup attempting to change the way women purchase prescription eyeglasses. Starting Wednesday and lasting through November, the company is placing a pop-up boutique on… Read More


Startup Spotlight: KitchenPC cooks up recipe search engine

There’s no shortage of places to find recipes online. And now you can add yet another to the mix. KitchenPC is a new Seattle area recipe search site whose goal is to help you find the best bets on everything from chocolate chip cookie to lasagna. Developed by former Microsoftie Mike Christensen and launching today, KitchenPC faces a slew… Read More