Paul Schimpf

State university computer science faculty fear deeper cuts as pressure builds on WWU

Western Washington University’s computer science department isn’t the only one encountering the harsh realities of the state budget crisis. Eastern Washington University is currently evaluating its graduate program in computer science, though chair of the department, Paul Schimpf, said he’s confident it will survive based on a committee’s recent recommendation to the president and provost…. Read More


Western Washington University computer science department faces the ax despite tech worker shortage

Western Washington University is considering eliminating or drastically reducing its computer science department, a proposal that comes amid a growing need for software developers and engineers in the state. “It was a big surprise to me. I didn’t dream that anybody would consider reducing the computer science department in the 21st century,” said WWU computer… Read More


Dancing with Drones: UW students and autonomous aircraft

As part of their Embedded Systems 472 class at the University of Washington this quarter, electrical engineering students were challenged to develop their own control systems for a fleet of Parrot AR quadrocopter drones — allowing them to fly both manually and autonomously. So how did they do? See the accompanying videos for some of… Read More