Bill Gates on Google’s Internet balloons; Contour hits the wall; and other comments of the week

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “The Internet is transforming almost every element of the news business: shortening news cycles, eroding long-reliable revenue sources, and enabling new kinds of competition, some of which bear little or no news-gathering costs. There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not… Read More


Saying farewell to the iPhone; Bill Gates’ reading list; and other top posts of the month

It was another big month here at GeekWire. We unveiled our new GeekWire membership program, relaunched the popular GeekWire 200 startup list and hired superstar salesperson, Sarah Camp, as our Chief Sales Geek. As you can imagine, things were buzzing around our increasingly cramped Ballard offices. It was also a busy time on the editorial front, with GeekWire… Read More

Reed Hastings

Comments of the Week: Oprah ‘loves’ the Surface; Hastings’ Microsoft analysis; and more

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “[Microsoft has] many great assets and many great challenges. The great assets are the technology, and Windows, Office. And you guys know Ballmer. He is unbelievably self-aware, self-critical, smart. He’s the last guy to be in any little bit of denial.”—Outgoing Microsoft board member… Read More


Microsoft’s ‘demoralizing’ stack ranking system; and other comments of the week

The 4th of July brought another beautiful patriotic display over Seattle’s South Lake Union. But those weren’t the only fireworks going on in the city. Microsoft’s employee ranking system (and the company itself) came under direct fire after Kurt Eichenwald, a two-time winner of the prestigious George Polk Award, penned an article for Vanity Fair titled… Read More

Neal Stephenson

Comments of the Week: Ballmer and basketball; Sword fighting authors; etc.

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “I’ve been writing science and historical fiction for three decades. Well, screw that. I want to do a video game — a video game about something really cool and fun that I enjoy: sword fighting.”–Author Neal Stephenson in his Kickstarter pitch announcing the game Clang. “Digital solitaire… Read More


Comments of the week: Will this phone really take off?

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “Do you have to turn off *this* phone during takeoff and landing?” –GeekWire reader Lawrence Lam commenting on news that aerospace giant Boeing plans to develop a new phone based on the Android operating system. “I hope the phone takes off. Pun intended.”–GeekWire reader… Read More


Microsoft Windows as a ‘beautiful metaphor’ and other comments of the week

The best insights, observations, comments, tweets and random zingers we heard this week. “Windows really is a beautiful metaphor for computing and with the new logo we wanted to celebrate the idea of a window, in perspective.” –Microsoft’s Sam Moreau in a blog post describing the concepts behind the company’s new Windows logo. “Whenever you answer something,… Read More


Scandinavian roots, Netflix price hikes and other top comments

Is Seattle’s startup community hamstrung by a lack of investment dollars or a lack of high-quality entrepreneurial ideas? That was the debate which erupted on GeekWire this past week as readers reacted to guest posts written by Marcelo Calbucci and Jonathan Shapiro. Calbucci prodded Seattle venture capitalists to bankroll 100 seed-stage startups in 24 months,… Read More


Comments of the Week: Nintendo is the Apple of video games

It was a big week for tech news, with Facebook rolling out its online video chat service with Skype and Amazon continuing its tax battle against California and other states. As in weeks past, there was also the consistent chatter about a new tech bubble forming and calls for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to step… Read More


Comments of the week: Ballmer at USC, Gates on the BBC, etc.

Microsoft’s top brass took some heat in the GeekWire comment threads this past week, with readers complaining about everything from the slumping stock price to the company’s lack of focus in mobile. But it wasn’t all negativity. Bill & Melinda Gates were honored with a portrait in Washington D.C.’s National Portrait Gallery, a true honor… Read More


‘Google creeps me out,’ and other comments of the week

Our stories this past week about Western Washington University’s proposal to cut its computer science department sparked one of the most lively discussions on GeekWire since our launch. Many readers — including a number of WWU computer science grads — were perplexed that the state university would even consider eliminating the program given the critical… Read More


Root beer peeing unicorns, and other comments of the week

Some lively discussions erupted on GeekWire this week as members of the tech community debated what it will take to make Seattle a thriving center of innovation and entrepreneurship. TeachStreet founder Dave Schappell sparked one, calling on angel investor Andy Sack, GeekWire and other members of the community to “raise the game.” It was a… Read More