Melinda Gates now has a comic book about her life

Up until now, Bill Gates was likely the only member of his family to have a comic book written about his life. Not anymore. Vancouver, WA.-based Blue Water Productions is back with another tech-related comic book and this time it features Melinda Gates, the well-known spouse to Bill G. As part of its Female Force series that highlights… Read More


The Howard Schultz Starbucks story now in comic form

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has had a pretty interesting career thusfar. So much so, in fact, that he’s already written two books on his experiences. And now, if words aren’t totally your thing, you can read about Schultz’s story in comic book form. Blue Water Productions‘ newest title penned by C.W. Cooke is called Howard Schultz: The… Read More


Superhero Phoenix Jones needs your help to fight crime and keep Seattle safe

Calling all of Seattle’s trained fighters: Your city’s superhero needs help. Phoenix Jones, leader of a crime-fighting local group called the Rain City Superhero Movement, is recruiting people to become part of his movement. There are various requirements (full list below) that include military, police, or martial arts training and a bulletproof vest. If you’re… Read More