Geek Humor: Jon Stewart rips Apple and U.S. Senators

This is absolutely hilarious. Comedian Jon Stewart rips into iPhone-loving U.S. Senators who were fawning over Apple CEO Tim Cook during his recent testimony on Capitol Hill. “Apparently there is nothing Apple can do to get us mad at them,” Stewart notes. “We could find out they’re using kitten hearts to power iPhones and we’d… Read More


Amazon Studios greenlights ‘Betas,’ a comedy about Silicon Valley geeks

Amazon Studios is piloting its eighth comedy, and this is one that tech geeks may really enjoy — unless it ends up anything like Bravo’s “Startups: Silicon Valley,” of course. Directed by Michael Lehmann (Dexter, 40 Days and 40 Nights, True Blood), the show is called called Betas.  Here’s Amazon’s description: Set in the land of Silicon… Read More


Tech humor: The crazy, wacky and stupid things that VCs do

Venture capitalists do some of the wackiest things. (OK, not really). But now, thanks to venture capitalist Brad Feld, there’s a new comedy Web site devoted to the wacky and silly behavior of this privileged investment class. Feld has started a new comedy site called I Can Has VC, hosted on Cheezburger. There you will… Read More


A YouTube star in the making?

Ethan Newberry wants to be a YouTube star. And the Seattleite is moving closer to that goal having been selected to participate in NextUp, a new program in which YouTube is trying to assist 45 rising media stars “who’ve demonstrated passion, talent and huge potential in video making across a range of genres.” The program… Read More


Meet Marcy: An original Web comedy from Lockerz

Lockerz just scored $30 million in venture capital financing from the likes of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former Microsoft CFO Greg Maffei. And how is the Seattle social networking upstart — geared toward teens and twenty somethings– using some of that cash? Well, meet Marcy. That’s the title character of a new original comedy… Read More


Hey developers: Forget the cheeseburgers, have a LOLcat

The guys from Seattle startup Giant Thinkwell will be our guests on the next GeekWire Podcast. And it looks like they’ll have a lot to talk about, because they’ve been very busy trying to poach developers literally from the online retail giant’s doorstep — using a strategy “inspired” by Cheezburger’s cheeseburger giveaway this week…. Read More