NCAA awards $20M to student-athletes over video games that used their names, images without compensation

The NCAA today reached a settlement in a video-game related lawsuit that will award current and former student-athletes $20 million. The case, originally headed by former Arizona State University quarterback Sam Keller, was filed against the NCAA for allowing EA Sports to use players’ likeness in college football and basketball games without compensation. The case was… Read More

"We expect it will generate significant revenue for the university and do not believe it will harm our in-store sales," says Jason Lorgan, director of UC Davis Stores.

College bookstore learns to live with Amazon in first-ever pilot program

Traditional bookstores have long viewed Amazon as a competitor, and rightly so, but one university bookstore is figuring out what the company looks like as a partner instead. The independent, nonprofit UC Davis Stores chain is working with the Seattle retailer on what’s being described as a “first-of-its kind online program” that gives the university… Read More


Oregon’s top research universities form accelerator to create more startups

In an effort to spur startup growth, Oregon legislators just passed a bill that will help the University of Oregon and Oregon State University come together to pump out small companies based on research done at the schools. Senate Bill 241 will create the South Willamette Valley Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network — also known as RAIN —… Read More


5 steps to prepare your geek child for college

As caps and gowns are returned for deposits while freshmen are readying to be deposited this fall in the college of their parents’ choice, it’s time to do some preparation. Not just for any new college student. For the geek college student. When I was preparing to send my geek son to college, I didn’t… Read More


From shopping advice to walking devices, startups with UW ties show off their successful ideas

The entrepreneurial talent coming out of the University of Washington was on full display Tuesday evening at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering. For the fourth installment of the Seattle Tech Meetup, five local startups with UW ties gave five-minute pitches to a crowd of several hundred on the UW campus. But perhaps the… Read More


UW partners with not-for-profit edX to offer free online courses

In another attempt to help expand university-level instruction access on a wide scale, the University of Washington announced a new partnership Tuesday with edX, an online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard that provides Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs. MOOCs are online courses that use streamed lectures, auto-graded exams and peer-led collaboration to bring free courses from elite… Read More


College grads would rather work at Microsoft over Amazon, Facebook

Maybe it’s the wacky and awesome commercials they’ve been putting out. Or it could be company’s reputation as an impressive charitable organization. Whatever the reason, college grads seem to want to work at Microsoft over places like Amazon and Facebook. That’s the finding from Universum USA, a global research and advisory company for employers that… Read More


PolyDrop turns paint into conductive coatings, wins $10K at UW environmental challenge

College students are saving the world. Well, maybe not all of them. But the teams that participated in last week’s Environmental Innovation Challenge at the University of Washington are certainly impressive by our standards. Teams from universities and colleges around the Northwest congregated at the UW to pitch their innovations that addressed energy, urban agriculture,… Read More


A non-creepy Craigslist: CampusWall rolls out a safer marketplace for college students

We’ve all encountered those questionable Craigslist ads: one person looking for an “R. Kelly Impersonator,” another selling a portable stripper pole — the list goes on. Personally, when I see an ad posted by a man who is “Unemployed. Short and bald. Chubby and pale with small features.(hands feet ears) Dominating, picky and judgemental. Sometimes… Read More


Ex-Microsoft exec kickstarts new social network for college kids

Creating a social network for college kids might seem like a foolhardy pursuit given Facebook’s historic roots in that market. And Jonathan Lazarus says that his new upstart, a social networking site called CollegeBrain, won’t compete with the social networking powerhouse. “We are very complementary with Facebook” said Lazarus, who retired from his vice president… Read More


Amazon releases Student App, challenging college bookstores this morning released a new “Student App” for iPhone, aiming to connect college students to the catalog even when they’re browsing the stacks of their college bookstores. It’s the latest broadside in an ongoing battle between the Seattle company and college bookstores. The app comes with a barcode scanner for checking prices, offering… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle making new attempt to fit in at college’s Kindle e-reader has struggled to make inroads on college campuses, as an alternative to traditional paper textbooks. Findings released this spring by the University of Washington found that fewer than 40 percent of students involved in a pilot program at the school stuck with the device for reading. Many of them found old-school paper… Read More

One of the ads in dispute.

College bookstores question Amazon’s legal tactics

The National Association of College Stores, battling with over the online retailer’s textbook advertising, is questioning Amazon’s decision to go to court after the association asked the Better Business Bureau’s advertising division for an advisory opinion. In a new filing in federal court in Seattle, the association asks the court to dismiss the suit… Read More