Outerwall profits up as Redbox sees 200M rentals in Q1

Bellevue-based Outerwall today posted its first quarter earnings and saw revenues increase by 4.7 percent to $600 million. Outerwall, the parent company to the Redbox, Coinstar, and ecoATM device recycling kiosks, also reported profits of $23.2 million, up 2.5 percent from Q1 2013. The Redbox business, which allows people to rent DVDs from kiosks, brought in $515.7 million last… Read More


Former Warner Bros. executive named Redbox president

A former Warner Bros. Home Entertainment executive, Mark Horak, has been named president of Redbox this afternoon as the video service expands beyond its DVD rental kiosks into the world of streaming movies and videos, through a partnership with Verizon. The announcement was made this afternoon by Bellevue-based Outerwall, the parent company of Redbox and Coinstar,… Read More


Redbox now has 50% of the physical rental market as Outerwall posts increasing profit

Redbox parent Outerwall, the Bellevue-based company formerly known as Coinstar, announced today that Redbox now has 50 percent of the physical rental market for movies. Outerwall also posted its second quarter earnings today, which showed an increase in net income of 4.1 percent to $554.2 million from the second quarter of 2012. That growth was driven by… Read More

National Day of Unplugging

Nerd Notes: Gay marriage and sushi, printable guns, and a 5-year-old’s $2,500 iPad spending spree

Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is GeekWire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. National Day of Unplugging (NDU): Beginning tonight at sunset, and ending 24 hours later, citizens across the nation are encouraged to unplug from all media. Even GeekWire’s John Cook is giving it a shot. Participants are asked to share their reasons for… Read More


Shares of Coinstar fall after CEO announces retirement

Shares of Coinstar, the Bellevue operator of the coin-counting kiosks and Redbox movie rental service, fell more than four percent today after CEO Paul Davis unexpectedly announced plans to retire on March 31. The company named J. Scot Di Valero, the current CFO, as the CEO. Galen Smith, the 36-year-old senior vice president of finance… Read More


Ticketmaster challenger? Redbox to offer event tickets

First DVDs, then coffee, and as recently as last week, streaming video. Now, Redbox is entering the live event arena. The unit of Bellevue-based Coinstar is now offering tickets to concerts and sporting events for an added fee of that all-too-familiar price of $1. The catch is that the tickets will be for the “cheap-seats,”… Read More

Buster Benson

Tech Moves: Buster Benson lands at Twitter; Zulily hires a top lawyer; Coinstar changes; etc.

Sometimes people announce new jobs with an email, or a LinkedIn update. Seattle entrepreneur Buster Benson, the former developer who co-founded Rob0t Co-op, announced his new gig by posting photos of the office space of the tech giant he was joining on Instagram and having his followers guess. Facebook? Nope. Nope. Starbucks? Nope…. Read More

redbox-kiosk should buy Coinstar: A tech prediction that makes a ton of sense

A few months ago, the tech blogosphere exploded after rumors emerged that was considering opening physical retail stores. Since those reports, we haven’t heard a peep about whether the Seattle online retailer would break with tradition and expand into the choppy waters of brick-and-mortar retail. But there’s another possibility that could resolve some of… Read More


The DVD isn’t dead yet: Sales surge at Redbox kiosks

Movie streaming and digital downloads may be rising in popularity, but it looks like many of us aren’t quite yet ready to give up on good old-fashioned DVDs — even if we aren’t going inside a traditional movie rental store to get them anymore. DVD kiosk venture Redbox saw its sales rise nearly 39 percent… Read More


Your next cup of coffee, brewed by Redbox?

Coinstar will seek to build on the success of its Redbox $1 movie rental kiosks with a line of automated machines that dispense coffee “that tastes pretty close to a cup from any upscale coffee bar,” according to reporter Nick Wingfield of the New York Times. The Bellevue-based company is currently testing the coffee machines in partnership with… Read More


Coinstar buys NCR assets for $100M, shares soar on Redbox sales growth in Q4

It has been a very busy day at Coinstar. The Bellevue maker of coin-counting machines already announced a strategic partnership between its Redbox video rental business and Verizon. Now, the company has released strong financial results for the fourth quarter along with the purchase of assets from NCR’s entertainment business. The asset purchase includes Blockbuster Express… Read More


Look out, Netflix? Redbox and Verizon joint venture to offer DVDs and movie downloads

Coinstar’s Redbox unit and telecom giant Verizon have formed a new joint venture that will combine online movies and DVD rentals in a unified subscription service for consumers. The companies announced the initiative this morning, saying they plan to start rolling out a combined service in the second half of this year. Pricing wasn’t announced, but the… Read More


Redbox raises DVD rental prices by 20 cents

Redbox is raising prices on DVD rentals from $1 to $1.20 due to higher operating costs associated with debit card fees. It marks the first time in eight years that the unit of Bellevue-based Coinstar has increased daily DVD rental prices. “The amount was selected to best offset expenses, while keeping our value commitment to… Read More


Tech Moves: Avvo gets a new VP

We’ve been tracking some departures, appointments and even new office space in the Pacific Northwest tech industry in recent days. Here are a few notable Tech Moves: Avvo, the online directory of lawyers and doctors, not only has a new VP of marketing but also new office space. The company, which has moved into the… Read More


Redbox getting into video games, like for reals this time

Coming soon to the front stoop of your local 7-Eleven: Master Chief and Mario. Redbox, the movie-rental subsidiary of Bellevue-based Coinstar, is rolling out video games to more than 21,000 locations across the U.S., starting in June. The move actually isn’t a surprise, given that Redbox has been testing game rentals in 5,000 locations for… Read More