Coffee Mecca: Inside the Specialty Coffee Association’s ‘Big Event’ in Seattle

If you notice an extra buzz on the streets of downtown Seattle this weekend, it’s probably because the people around you are even more caffeinated than usual. Thousands of coffee industry professionals, producers, roasters, baristas and others from around the world are in town for the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual exposition, better known… Read More


GeekWire Radio: Seeking the perfect cup of coffee, with a shot of technology

How can you brew the best cup of coffee at home or work? Are convenient home-brewing technologies making your coffee better or worse? What are the tricks for getting the best espresso at a coffee shop? And should you consider roasting beans yourself? Those are just a few of the topics on this special edition of the GeekWire radio show, featuring three guests… Read More


Starbucks rolling out wireless charging in tables to Silicon Valley

You can get a little extra jolt at Starbucks locations in the Bay Area both for your mental state, and now, for your smartphone. Starbucks, which began testing wireless charging mats for mobile phones in selected Boston-area locations last fall, is now rolling out Duracell Powermats in the smartphone-saturated Silicon Valley. Adam Brotman, Starbucks’ chief digital officer… Read More


Inside La Marzocco: Starbucks’ original espresso machine gets a high-tech makeover

Walking into the La Marzocco distribution center and showroom, the ambiance is pretty low profile. Amidst the rows of smooth, stainless steel coffee machines, the static sound of frothing milk hangs in the air as a single cappuccino is prepared. Positioned on a quiet corner in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, the warehouse and showroom blend into the… Read More


The Howard Schultz Starbucks story now in comic form

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has had a pretty interesting career thusfar. So much so, in fact, that he’s already written two books on his experiences. And now, if words aren’t totally your thing, you can read about Schultz’s story in comic book form. Blue Water Productions‘ newest title penned by C.W. Cooke is called Howard Schultz: The… Read More


New mobile coffee service makes you feel like a rock star

While it won’t literally transform you into a guitar-wielding musical prophet, Buck’s new mobile coffee service is hoping to make you feel that way. Buck, a Seattle-based mobile payments company, today introduced Coffee Like A Rock Star, a service that enables people to order and pay for coffee from their mobile phone, then walk up and get their coffee. Buck… Read More


This coffee machine tries to figure out your age, gender

A new coffee vending machine, unveiled today by U.K. coffee company Costa Coffee, will use facial recognition and other technologies to analyze the people using the machine — adjusting the overall experience, advertising and initial coffee options based on the general demographic information it deduces about each customer. Do you look like a teenager? You… Read More


Starbucks steel gift card going for over $1K on Ebay

First Twinkies, now Starbucks gift cards. On Thursday, Starbucks unveiled 5,000 special edition $450 gift cards made of steel and sold only on Gilt.com. Those sold out in less than one minute and now coffee — or steel, for that matter — aficionados are bidding more than $1,000 for the cards today on Ebay. The steel… Read More

Cafe SURF bar area new

What’s percolating at SURF? Startup incubator opens unique geek coffee shop

You’re a budding entrepreneur quietly building a potential million-dollar business and working long hours in the basement or local coffee shop. Renting office space is expensive and simply not sustainable at the moment. That means you’re alone, blocked out from the outside world. Your plans can’t be shared, built upon and developed into even better… Read More


Seattle’s Best CD/Record Store is … Starbucks?

Seattle Weekly is out with its annual “Best of Seattle” awards, and in a city that takes pride in its remaining indie record shops — the ones standing tall in the face of the digital revolution — the winner of Best/CD Record Store will be familiar to everyone. It’s Starbucks, of course. Wait, what? “Hey,… Read More


Your next cup of coffee, brewed by Redbox?

Coinstar will seek to build on the success of its Redbox $1 movie rental kiosks with a line of automated machines that dispense coffee “that tastes pretty close to a cup from any upscale coffee bar,” according to reporter Nick Wingfield of the New York Times. The Bellevue-based company is currently testing the coffee machines in partnership with… Read More

Concordia's X6 espresso machine

Maker of the fastest espresso machine in the world perks up with $6.5 million in funding

Now here’s an entrepreneurial story that’s perfectly brewed for Seattle. Concordia Coffee Systems on Monday announced that it raised $6.5 million in fresh funding from Marker Hill Capital, Fluke Capital Partners, Swiftsure Capital and several Seattle angel investors, money that it will use to continue to develop and market its line of self-serve espresso machines. Concordia,… Read More


Angry Birds: Landing soon at a Starbucks near you?

The maker of the blockbuster Angry Birds action puzzle game is in talks with Starbucks to partner on promotions for the game inside the Seattle-based coffee chain’s ubiquitous stores. One of the ideas they’re discussing: Setting up electronic leaderboards inside Starbucks to tout the game’s best players. That’s the word from Bloomberg News, in a… Read More


The ‘Fourth Place’: Starbucks as a technology giant

Starbucks has always aspired to be the quintessential “third place,” giving people another place to settle in apart from home and work. During the company’s annual meeting with shareholders this morning, executives talked frequently about the company’s role in the “fourth place” — a.k.a. the digital world. Some of the stats rattled off during the… Read More