Learn to code: Code Fellows launches intro to programming courses

At the start of the year, Seattle-based trade school Code Fellows asked experienced developers to explain how they originally learned to code in an effort to help those interested in the field. Now, a little more than a month later, the school is launching two sets of 4-week evening introductory programming courses for those with limited technical backgrounds…. Read More


New Year’s Tech Resolution #3: Learn to code

If there has been one rallying cry for the tech establishment this year, it’s that everyone who can should learn to code. While part of the argument for building code literacy has to do with getting more people ready for coding jobs, I’ve found that just having a baseline understanding of how technology works, under… Read More


Code Fellows to offer ‘Code Camp’ to at-risk youth, underprivileged women

Code Fellows, the Seattle-based program that works to offer vocational training in modern programming practices, will be holding a free, week-long “Code Camp” for underprivileged women and at-risk youth. The camp will be held every morning from August 12 to 16 at the Seattle Union Gospel Mission Women’s shelter. According to a press release, the… Read More


Hey, lady hackers: $10K scholarship fund available for women-only bootcamp

For all the ladies interested in attending a Ruby on Rails bootcamp in Seattle next month but just can’t afford the $4,000 tuition, there is now help in the form of scholarship money. Seattle’s Women in Technology group has put together a $10,000 scholarship fund for the women-only, month-long class. Seattle companies SeedIP, Affinity, Zealyst, Tred,… Read More