Cisco agrees to deeper integration with Microsoft on cloud and datacenter products

Cisco announced a multi-year sales agreement with Microsoft at the Redmond-based company’s World Partner Conference today. The two companies will work together on selling cloud and datacenter services, and have agreed to deepen integration between some of their key products. In particular, the two companies will be working to integrate a number of products including… Read More


Microsoft and Amazon vets raise cash for stealthy IT startup Midfin Systems

Three former Microsoft and Amazon engineers with more than 35 years of experience at the two tech giants have teamed up for a stealth startup in the private IT administration space. Midfin Systems is a new Redmond-based company that is developing technology for private datacenters. CEO and founder Suyash Sinha, a 14-year Microsoft vet who left his post as Senior Director in… Read More

Brad Smith

Microsoft’s top lawyer: U.S. surveillance policies making it harder to do business overseas

SAN FRANCISCO – The United States’ approach to Internet privacy and surveillance needs to change, and U.S. government officials were wrong if they believed the furor over Edward Snowden’s leaks would simply blow over, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith told an audience here this morning. “It is not blowing over,” Smith said at the GigaOM Structure… Read More


Google exec Urs Hözle: Our cloud is ‘battle-tested’ and secure

SAN FRANCISCO– As more companies move workloads into cloud services, a key problem remains: How to secure data. Urs Hözle, Google’s Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure, thinks Google has the advantage over its rivals in that arena because of its other consumer businesses. Speaking today at GigaOm’s Structure conference in San Francisco, Hözle said that… Read More

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla: Engineers should ‘optimize for change’ in today’s market

SAN FRANCISCO–Engineers today should build systems that are designed to weather a changing technological landscape, tech industry legend Vinod Khosla told an audience at today’s GigaOM Structure conference in San Francisco. “I think we have to re-engineer engineering itself to optimize for change,” he said. To do that, engineers have to set aside their usual… Read More

Filelize founder Tim Nguyen.

Startup Spotlight: Filelize automatically stores, syncs your cloud files in one place

Being able to access and work on files in the cloud is often convenient, but it can be somewhat troublesome to constantly sync and track down documents that you have across different cloud services. That’s where Filelize wants to help. Founded in 2012, the 3-person Seattle-based startup organizes your recent files, email attachments, and web history into a single dashboard and… Read More


A dirty cloud? Amazon and Twitter receive failing grades in ‘green Internet’ report

Facebook, Google and Apple are considered leading innovators when it comes to deploying renewable energy to power its data centers and cloud-based technologies, while Amazon and Twitter are “stuck in a dirty energy past.” That’s the latest finding from Greenpeace’s report: Clicking Clean: How Companies are Building the Green Internet. The report, released today, details how… Read More


Former Microsoft VP Jon Roskill named Acumatica CEO

Jon Roskill, the former vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group, has been hired as the new chief executive of Acumatica, a Kirkland, Wash., company that makes cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology. Roskill, who left Microsoft last fall, started at Acumatica this week after spending several months getting up to speed on the Seattle… Read More


In a shift, Microsoft to offer OneDrive as standalone service for businesses

Microsoft plans to give businesses the ability to buy standalone subscriptions to its OneDrive service, attempting to compete more effectively with Box and other rivals in cloud storage and collaboration. OneDrive for Business — formerly known as SkyDrive Pro — has previously been available to businesses only as part of costlier Office 365 and SharePoint… Read More


Here’s why this startup ditched Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has allowed countless startup companies to ramp up back-end infrastructure quickly and cost effectively. But, at a point, at least for some companies, AWS becomes too clunky and … too expensive. That’s what happened to Moz, the fast-growing Seattle maker of marketing software. In a blog post, newly-appointed CEO Sarah Bird explained… Read More


Four tech terms to forget in ’14

It’s 2014, and time to ring in the new and throw out the old. Old tech terms, that is: those made meaningless in 2013 by media and marketers. I occasionally rant about words that are overused and abused in tech (a popular 2013 noun, “selfie,” may join that group at narcissistic speed). But don’t think… Read More

Photo via Kevin Lisota

Silicon Valley VC view: 5 reasons why Seattle will become a hub of business cloud services

I’ve recently read several articles about the difficulties that Seattle entrepreneurs face when building business-to-business companies.  While some might find this discouraging, I actually see this as a great opportunity. From my perspective in Silicon Valley, the Seattle region is right on the cusp of developing its own enterprise start-up ecosystem, particularly focused on business… Read More


Watson has an API: IBM takes Jeopardy champ to the cloud

IBM announced today that it’s opening up partnerships for developers to work with Watson, its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer. What made it possible for Watson to beat Jeopardy champions like Seattle’s Ken Jennings wasn’t just its processing power, but its ability to learn from natural language. Now, it’s possible for companies to harness that capability by partnering… Read More