Study shows Sprint severely undervaluing Clearwire spectrum

A study that one Clearwire shareholder commissioned shows that the company’s spectrum is worth two to three times more than what Sprint is currently offering in its bid to acquire Bellevue-based Clearwire. The study, done by Information Age Economics, shows that Sprint’s current offer of $2.97 per share undervalues its longtime partner Clearwire. It was commissioned by Crest… Read More


Clearwire subscriber count falls 8% as losses continue to mount

It’s safe to say that Clearwire, the Bellevue-based mobile broadband company, is going through a transformative period as two rival bids (one from Sprint and other from Dish Network) remain outstanding. As that drama continues to unfold, Clearwire today posted fourth quarter and year-end results. In an earnings call today, CEO Erik Prusch briefly addressed… Read More

Erik Prusch

Clearwire’s stock surges on Dish Network offer: CEO Prusch tells staffers ‘it is business as usual’

It is turbulent times at Clearwire, the Bellevue wireless broadband company that’s now become a critical pawn (largely due to its spectrum holdings) in the wireless industry. But CEO Erik Prusch is doing his best to keep staffers focused, even with the media reports circling. In a memo to staff titled “Transaction Update,” Prusch reassures… Read More


Dish looks to scoop up Clearwire, outbidding Sprint by 11 percent

Many of Clearwire’s minority shareholders have argued that Sprint Nextel’s buyout offer is far too low, undervaluing the Bellevue company’s strong spectrum position. Now, they’ve got another believer. In the ongoing saga around Clearwire, Dish Network today announced an unsolicited offer to buy the wireless broadband company for $3.30 per share or $5.15 billion, more… Read More

Sprint's Dan Hesse

It’s official: Sprint is trying to buy the rest of Clearwire for $2.1B

The ongoing fluctuations in the mobile market took yet another turn today as Sprint Nextel announced its intentions to buy out its longtime partner, Clearwire, for $2.1 billion. The acquisition talks were disclosed in SEC filings Thursday morning, and Bellevue-based Clearwire said it would not be commenting further on the possibilities of a deal. “Clearwire… Read More


Clearwire shares surge after Sprint positions for full buyout

Shares of Clearwire jumped more than 10 percent today after CNBC reported that Sprint Nextel may try to acquire its remaining interest in the Bellevue broadband wireless provider by the end of the year. CNBC’s David Faber said that Sprint — which has agreed to be acquired by Japan’s Softbank — may attempt to acquire the… Read More


Smartphone service for kids inks deal with Clearwire

Kajeet, which offers cell phone service for kids that includes parental controls and location tracking, has struck a wholesale agreement to use Clearwire’s 4G mobile broadband network. “Adding a 4G mobile broadband product with Clearwire gives our customers new connectivity options and allows Kajeet to expand our mobile service offerings so that we continue to… Read More


Putting a limit on ‘unlimited:’ Clearwire booting contracts of its biggest data gobblers

Imagine going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and getting thrown out for eating too much. Replace the grub with internet data, and that’s what is happening to some Clearwire customers. Apparently, Clearwire’s “unlimited” data plans aren’t exactly “unlimited,” and some people are being kicked off the service because of over-usage. They’ve taken to the social media airwaves… Read More


This Clearwire investor just fired a volley at Sprint, warns carrier not to meddle in spectrum sale

One of Clearwire’s largest shareholders is urging the company to sell its excess spectrum in an attempt to raise as much as $9 billion — a huge tally that’s nearly three times Clearwire’s current market value. In a letter to the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 1, Mount Kellet Capital Management’s… Read More


Sprint reportedly in no hurry to gobble up Clearwire

There’s been a lot of speculation about what will happen to Clearwire following Softbank’s purchase this week of a 70 percent stake in Sprint Nextel. But don’t hold your breath for a deal between the new Sprint and the old Clearwire, at least in the short-term. Bloomberg News reports, citing people with knowledge of the… Read More


Shares of Clearwire and Sprint soar on rumors of Softbank deal

Shares of Clearwire are soaring in early morning trading after reports emerged that Softbank may consider buying a controlling interest in Sprint Nextel, one of the largest shareholders in the Bellevue provider of wireless broadband. According to Reuters,  Japan-based Softbank may be interested in Sprint in part because of Clearwire’s 2.5 Ghz spectrum holdings, which… Read More


Clearwire apologizes for sending inadvertent emails to customers

Clearwire, the Bellevue-based high-speed wireless provider, has apologized to customers for sending them a series of inadvertent emails. One GeekWire reader said he received more than half a dozen emails, explaining the steps for him to get back online. The messages varied from telling consumers how they could get connected again to notifying them that… Read More


Clearwire may choose to delay LTE network build out

An SEC filing from Clearwire indicates that the Bellevue-based broadband wireless provider may elect to delay its transition to a higher performance long-term evolution (LTE) network. The company has said that it plans to transfer about 5,000 of its WiMax sites, most in densely populated areas, to the new Time Division Duplex LTE network by… Read More


Clearwire shares sink as Time Warner plans to sell stake

Shares of Clearwire slumped more than eight percent today after Time Warner Cable announced plans to sell its stake in the Bellevue broadband wireless provider. The Associated Press reports that Time Warner Cable plans to sell its 7.8 percent stake, perhaps as early as Monday. The news was first reported in a SEC filing Friday, and shares… Read More


Shares of Clearwire on the rise after inking deal with EarthLink

Shares of Clearwire jumped more than three percent in early trading Monday after the Bellevue-based inked a deal to provide EarthLink customers with 4G mobile broadband and fixed broadband service. The deal, which will take effect next year, could be extended to include Clearwire’s yet-to-built LTE network in the future. “Clearwire’s 4G network is a… Read More


Sprint reduces Clearwire stake, no longer majority owner

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire have been joined at the hip for years, creating what has been at times an uncomfortable marriage. But the two companies — while not splitting outright — are growing apart. As a result of recent stock changes, Sprint is no longer Clearwire’s majority shareholder. On June 1, Sprint made the decision… Read More