Drago Ognjenovic

NADAC Systems turns off the lights, and more, to save energy

Portland-based NADAC Systems has developed technology that saves energy by switching off unoccupied spaces. That recently earned the company a semifinalist position in the 2012 Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open. I met up with NADAC’s CEO, Miodrag Ognjenovic, to find out more. How is NADAC Systems going to change the world? “Our building control system is… Read More

Team Solansphere at the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge. Photo Matt Hagen

Q&A: Solensphere looks to make solar power cheaper and more reliable

Solensphere Renewables has developed a solar concentrator system that intensely focuses sunlight using a reflector fashioned after a telescope. Concentrating sunlight makes more efficient use of expensive solar cells. To learn more about the southern Oregon-based company I talked with founders Corbyn Jahn, COO, and Adam Burwell, CEO, both students of Renewable Energy Engineering at… Read More

MossButler 2012-07-27 14.10

Q&A: Startup’s innovation boosts renewable energy output

Global Green Energy in Tumwater has hardware that solar power system owners use to feed renewable energy into the electric grid. To find out more, I talked with Global Green Energy co-founders Don Moss, President and CEO, and Zachary Butler, Vice President. How is Global Green Energy going to change the world? “Global Green Energy… Read More

clean tech200

Pacific NW semifinalists for Cleantech Open announced

Seventeen Pacific Northwest companies made it to the semifinals of the Clean Tech Open, noted for their efforts in keeping it green. Since 2006, the Cleantech Open’s goal has been to find and support businesses with novel ideas when it comes to developing renewable energy, green building practices and more. The competitors are in a round… Read More