Google Now notifications coming to Chrome

Users of Google Chrome’s beta version will now have access to notifications from Google Now on their desktops. Google announced today that its intelligent notifications system, which is designed to bring users information about events, traffic, sports scores, package deliveries and more, will now have a home on its Chrome browser for Chrome OS, Mac… Read More


Adult app store MiKandi builds workaround to launch the first third-party Chrome app store

Adult app company MiKandi has worked around Google developer restrictions — again. The Seattle-based startup made headlines this past summer after releasing the first-ever pornography app for Google Glass that allowed people to record sexual content on their Glass and share it with the Mikandi community. Shortly thereafter, Google updated its platform developer policies with a new section that banned sexually explicit material. Mikandi… Read More


Google revamps Maps for iOS, updates Chrome

It’s the week for new features for Google’s iOS apps. The Mountain View-based search titan released key updates to Google Maps and Chrome for the iPhone and iPad, bringing new features to both products. After a prolonged absence from the iPad, Google Maps is making a triumphant return with version 2.0, which also brings a… Read More


Is Internet Explorer up or down? Microsoft and research firm in stat spat

Web analytics firm StatCounter, which has been reporting a steady decline in Internet Explorer market share, has issued an extensive defense of its research techniques in an open letter to Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti, the IE product marketing director who previously challenged the research company’s statistical methods. StatCounter contends that its numbers are a more accurate… Read More


Google preps Chrome for Windows 8, with a dig at Microsoft

Google is preparing to release a test version of its Chrome browser for Microsoft’s Windows 8, and company this afternoon provided a first glimpse of the app, which looks a lot like the existing versions of the Chrome browser. The version will run in the new Metro and traditional desktop environments of Windows 8, and… Read More


Chrome passes Internet Explorer, but can the stats be believed?

Google’s Chrome has surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the world’s most widely used browser, according to the latest numbers from StatCounter. The trend shows a steady decline for IE over the past year overall, and a strong increase for Chrome, with more than 32 percent market share. However, separate stats from NetApplications for the desktop… Read More


Microsoft in Android patent licensing deal with Pegatron

Microsoft just announced another patent licensing agreement with a maker of Android and Chrome devices, Pegatron Corp., making more headway with its claims that the Google operating systems violate its intellectual property. The Redmond company says it now has licensing deals with four of the top five original design manufacturers in Taiwan, and has agreements… Read More


Microsoft plans true auto updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to streamline the way Internet Explorer is upgraded through its Windows Update process, aiming to move more PC users to the latest version of its web browser, even if they don’t actively decide to make the upgrade. Updates to Internet Explorer are already distributed to users who have opted to receive important updates… Read More


Microsoft offers holiday freebies to boost IE9 usage

Microsoft has rolled out a new holiday promotional campaign that aims, in part, to get people on Windows 7 to use Internet Explorer 9 rather than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers. As reported overnight by winbeta, the IE9 holiday campaign offers discounts and promotions such as three free months of Slacker Premium Radio,… Read More


Microsoft signs Quanta deal, ninth Android patent pact in 18 months

Microsoft just announced another Android  patent licensing deal, this one with Quanta Computer — saying that the agreement “provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for Quanta’s tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome Platform.” It’s the latest in a series of deals resulting from Microsoft’s claims that Google’s operating systems… Read More


Microsoft issues fix after security tool mistakenly removes Google Chrome as malware

Uh, whoops? Microsoft this morning scrambled to release a fix after reports surfaced that its Security Essentials software was mistakenly identifying the Google Chrome browser as password-stealing malware — and removing the competing web browser from Windows machines. Ed Bott of ZDNet has the rundown, including details on the updated definitions that Microsoft says will… Read More


Stats: Chrome, Safari gain on Internet Explorer and Firefox

Overall usage of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox fell slightly in July, while Google Chrome and Apple Safari both posted modest gains, according to numbers tracked by Net Applications. The numbers are notable in part because they reflect the first full-month measure of the market since Firefox shifted to a new rapid release cycle. IE… Read More


The Internet Explorer IQ test: Come on, we’re not that dumb

A study released this past week by AptiQuant, a Vancouver, B.C., “psychometric consulting” company, found that Internet Explorer users, on average, scored lower on IQ tests than users of other browsers did. Users of older versions of Internet Explorer — IE 6 and IE 7 — fared particularly poorly, with average IQ scores in the 80s…. Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Gamification, Chromebooks, and Microsoft’s Skype deal finally explained

This week on the GeekWire Podcast we explore the world of gamification with guest Keith Smith, CEO of BigDoor, a Seattle company bringing the principles of video games — badges, rewards, leaderboard, etc. — to the world of online publishing. In our weekly news roundup we dive into the big news of the week, Microsoft’s agreement… Read More

Sergey Brin

Google’s Brin to Windows users: Stop torturing yourselves

One of Google’s big selling points for its new Chromebooks is the promise of a seamless  updating mechanism that keeps the system up-to-date without any work on the part of the user. Google co-founder Sergey Brin is making headlines this morning for contrasting that approach with the traditional Windows updating process. Speaking during a press… Read More


Google Chromebook: Is this your next mobile machine?

Google today unveiled the first wave of “Chromebooks” — notebook computers running the company’s Chrome OS, to be available starting June 15. The initial machines from Samsung and Acer, will sell for $349-$499, depending on the manufacturer, specs and optional mobile broadband. They’ll also be sold on a subscription basis for schools ($20/user per month)… Read More


Internet Explorer 9: Windows XP users, you’re out of luck

Microsoft last night released Internet Explorer 9, the latest version of its widely used web browser. Download it here, but keep in mind that it only works with Windows Vista or Windows 7. The browser isn’t compatible with Windows XP, and Microsoft doesn’t make IE for Mac (or Linux). [Follow-up: IE9 hits 2.3M: Firefox 4… Read More


Microsoft: IE9 coming March 14

Look like that big Internet Explorer party at SXSW in Austin isn’t just a party, after all. It’s a launch. Microsoft this morning confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 will be released on March 14, next Monday. The post by IE’s Ryan Gavin also includes a bit of intrigue, noting that the IE team still has… Read More