China to Apple: Your products are still OK with us

Chinese government officials are not banned from purchasing Apple products despite earlier reports to the contrary, a representative for the country’s procurement office told Reuters. The company’s products were left off a list of “energy saving” products, but according to Apple, it was never on that list in the first place. Government officials can still… Read More

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Chinese protesters reportedly slam Microsoft over ‘hostile takeover and violent layoffs’

Microsoft is facing more pressure in China. Five days after a report surfaced that Chinese officials were investigating Microsoft’s offices in the country, protests reportedly have erupted in the country against Microsoft over layoffs associated with the acquisition of Nokia’s phone business. According to Reuters, hundreds of protesters held banners and shouted “Microsoft’s hostile takeover and… Read More


As tensions rise, China investigates Microsoft offices

Chinese officials reportedly visited Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, though no immediate reason was given for the investigations, according to Reuters. The visits by China’s State Administration for Industry & Commerce come at a time when tensions have risen between technology giants and China, sparked in part be revelations of  U.S. National Security Agency contractor… Read More


Microsoft and China continue duel over Windows 8

The fight over Windows 8 between the Chinese government and Microsoft has heated up this week. A news show on Chinese state-run television ran a segment earlier this week claiming that Microsoft is able to collect sensitive data about Windows 8 users, and then can share that information with the NSA or another U.S. government… Read More


China bans government use of Windows 8

China has banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers, Reuters reported today. Oddly enough, the move came as a part of a notice on energy-saving products, though it seems the decision was unrelated to those measures. Xinhua, China’s official news agency, claimed that the decision was made to ensure computer security after Microsoft… Read More


China’s Tencent looking to expand globally to take on Facebook, Amazon and more

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Zynga and Uber all have each other to contend with, but what if a fierce new competitor were to enter to the U.S. market? Tencent may be the latest Chinese superpower eyeing global expansion, according to an article published in the May edition of Fast Company. Similar to Alibaba, which is expected… Read More


Amazon Web Services makes big move into China

Amazon Web Services will open a new China region starting with a limited preview in the country early next year, the latest step in the Seattle-based company’s worldwide expansion of its cloud computing platform. The move, announced this morning, gives Amazon a new beachhead in the world’s most populous nation, and steps up the company’s… Read More


Study portrays Microsoft’s cloud computing in China as potential U.S. security threat

Earlier this year, Microsoft claimed victory in the race to be the first major multinational tech company to win the rights to offer public cloud computing services in China. Considering that a) China’s cloud computing industry is underdeveloped, with few providers of advanced network services, and b) the cloud computing market is on track to be worth between $122… Read More

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Apple’s chances in China hurt by the rise of Xiaomi

The early rap on the iPhone 5C’s prospects in China focuses overwhelmingly on one aspect of Apple’s newest product – its price. The word prior to the 5C’s launch was that it was going to be the cheap version of Apple’s globally popular smartphone, making it accessible to new socioeconomic classes, especially in emerging markets…. Read More


China’s reaction to NSA surveillance gives Microsoft reason to worry

One month after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the U.S. government’s secret electronic intelligence gathering program to the world, new reports show that some Chinese government organs are discarding their foreign-made tech products in favor of domestic alternatives. While this is bad news for all U.S. tech firms, it is likely particularly worrying for Microsoft, a… Read More


Snowden’s latest hacking claims present new perils for U.S. companies

Whether you think Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, there’s no denying that his latest revelations are bad for U.S. businesses. As I wrote last week, Snowden’s divulgence of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Prism electronic surveillance program is bad news for American tech companies, especially those operating in China. Snowden’s latest claim –… Read More


Cybersecurity: What businesses can expect from U.S.-China talks, amid brewing NSA controversy

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet at a secluded estate in Southern California starting today for two days of talks on a host of bilateral and global issues. Among them will be cybersecurity, which has quickly risen in prominence to the top of the Sino-American agenda. What can businesses expect… Read More

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer visited Peking University last year.

While Microsoft expands across Pacific, Amazon’s China strategy remains hazy

Microsoft just announced a significant hiring increase in China and a renewed commitment to offering its cloud computing services in the country. Amazon just announced a major expansion of its own cloud computing services, not in China, but rather in Northern Virginia, where the company reportedly signed a $600 million deal with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) two… Read More


The significance of Amazon’s Appstore launch in China

Amazon launched its app store in China last weekend, becoming the first Western company to offer both free and paid Android apps to consumers in the world’s largest smartphone market. Google Play, which is also available in China, carries only free content. The app store’s establishment came as a surprise to many, as China was noticeably absent from the Amazon… Read More


Amazon opens Appstore in China; Kindle coming next?

Amazon’s app store is officially open for business in China. The Seattle online retail giant debuted its app store for Chinese customers this past weekend, Reuters reported. Amazon’s newest store offers an alternative to Google Play for those in China. Unlike Google, Amazon’s store features both paid and free options. Reuters noted that Amazon is… Read More


Open letter to Skype from digital rights advocates urges Microsoft to issue transparency reports

Over 100 Internet advocates, journalists and other organization members penned an open letter to Microsoft today, urging the Redmond software giant to be more transparent with its Skype software. In the letter addressed to Skype Division President Tony Bates, Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith, the concerned advocates want Microsoft to release… Read More