Study: AT&T, Verizon are Seattle’s best-performing carriers

If you’re living in Seattle, AT&T and Verizon will deliver the best overall mobile performance, T-Mobile is not far behind and Sprint is decent with the exception of poor data download speeds. Those are the findings from Bellevue-based RootMetrics‘ fifth performance report, which ran 48,441 tests to analyze how the carriers compare in the Seattle region. The… Read More


Mobile manners: The top 5 most annoying cell phone pet peeves

Smartphones, for the most part, are pretty awesome tech tools. But they also pissed us off sometimes just as much as they help. A Microsoft Safer Online Facebook poll found the top-five mobile pet peeves: Checking phones constantly Talking loudly Using or not silencing phones when appropriate Using phones during face-to-face conversation Delaying traffic by using phones What… Read More


T-Mobile debuts prepaid wireless service GoSmart

T-Mobile is hoping to keep pace with its competitors with a new budget wireless service called GoSmart Mobile. GoSmart Mobile, which is completely separate from T-Mobile, will be available starting today at over 3,000 stores in the U.S. and offers pre-paid unlimited plans starting at $30 for unlimited voice and text. For $35 you can… Read More