More funding for cancer research in Seattle: Adaptive Biotechnologies raises $105M

Researchers from Seattle who are finding ways to eliminate cancer are bringing in some serious funding today. On the same day the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center announced a $20 million donation from the family of CEO Jeff Bezos, Seattle-based Adaptive Biotechnologies announced a big $105 million investment. Adaptive, which had previously only raised $15 million, was… Read More


With $120M in its pocket, Juno Therapeutics aims to wipe out cancer by rewiring the immune system

One big problem with existing cancer therapies available today like chemotherapy and radiation is the collateral damage. While some medicine can completely kill cancer, it also may destroy healthy, normal cells in one’s body. But Juno Therapeutics, a new Seattle startup that just raised a massive $120 million series A round, thinks it has a… Read More


Seattle Children’s cites early progress fighting cancer by reprogramming blood cells

Marking a milestone in the fight against cancer, Seattle Children’s Research Institute this afternoon reported that the first patient in a closely watched clinical trial has had a positive response to the treatment — which involves reprogramming the body’s infection-fighting T-cells to target cancer instead. Researchers say Lynsie Conradi, 23, of Bellingham, Wash., has displayed… Read More


Geek of the Week: Dr. Rebecca Gardner is reprogramming blood cells to kill cancer

Dr. Rebecca Gardner and her colleagues at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are altering the body’s infection-fighting blood cells to attack cancer in the same way those cells fight viruses. The researchers take a patient’s blood, reprogram the T-cells, and infuse the blood back into the body to find and destroy cancer. How’s that for a… Read More