Californians hurry up and shop, shop, shop ahead of tax deadline

There’s a bit of an e-commerce gold rush going down in California, where customers are scrambling to squeeze in some last-minute shopping before they have to start paying sales tax on Sept. 15. As The Los Angeles Times reports, the company won’t confirm whether sales in California have jumped in recent weeks. But social media… Read More


Amazon calls California tax compromise a ‘win-win’ and California legislators have reached a compromise on sales tax collection in the state. As part of the deal, Amazon will not have to collect sales tax until September 2012. In the meantime, the Seattle company said it would work towards federal legislation to institute a new federal sales tax collection system for online… Read More

amazon-logo reaches truce in California sales tax battle has made a tentative agreement with California lawmakers to resolve a battle over sales taxes on online purchases in the state, according to multiple reports this morning. Under the agreement, Amazon will drop its push to repeal an online sales tax in the state, and agree to begin collecting sales taxes from sales to… Read More