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GeekWire Calendar Picks: A Chat with Dan Shapiro, Pitch Karaoke, and more

When Dan Shapiro invented Robot Turtles, a board game that teaches kids to code, he had no intention of becoming the man behind the most-funded board game campaign in Kickstarter history. He created the game because he thought his children would enjoy it — and then “accidentally” raised $631,230 on the crowdfunding platform. Robot Turtles, which uses… Read More

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GeekWire Calendar Picks: 3D World Printing Expo, Unite 2014, and more

In 2012 Forbes Magazine asked, “Will 3D Printing Change The World?” In the subsequent two years, it got its answer. Although 3D printing has been under development for decades, it has moved to the forefront of the technology debate in more recent years. The public marveled at the unnerving implications of the world’s first 3D printed gun, NASA quickly… Read More

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GeekWire Calendar Picks: Geocaching Block Party, I Heart Nerds 5K, and more

Sometimes technology gets a bad rap. Our high-tech world can isolate us, shorten our attention spans, and leave us wanting more. But technology can also build communities and bring us together — as with geocaching. The activity, in which teams of people use GPS and their smartphones to locate hidden caches, is a global treasure hunt for the digital age. When… Read More

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GeekWire Calendar Picks: Imagine Cup Day, Cannabis Tech Meetup, and more

Teams from around the world descended on the Seattle region this week for the finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup student technology competition, leading up to the announcement of the winning team this morning. This weekend, on Saturday, Aug. 2, the public will have chance to see their projects first-hand. Microsoft is hosting Imagine Cup Day, a showcase of the finalists in… Read More


GeekWire Calendar Picks: DeveloperWeek, Seattle Sports Tech Meetup, and more

San Francisco’s largest week-long tech event series is coming to Seattle. DeveloperWeek Seattle brings together hundreds of developers, technology executives, and startup founders “not just to learn new skills — but to build new apps, get jobs, and connect to the Seattle tech scene,” according to the event organizers. The week will kick off Friday… Read More

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GeekWire Calendar Picks: Play Nintendo Tour, Wearable Tech Meetup, Developers’ BBQ, and more

Nintendo has been through a difficult period in the home console business, with a rough reception for its Wii U console following the breakout success of the original Wii. But the iconic video-game company, whose North American headquarters are right here in Redmond, is known for one thing — great games. If you have children (or… Read More


GeekWire Calendar Picks: Digitally Rendered Mind, WeWork Gallery Night, Aaron Swartz film and more

The relationship between the human experience and technology is hotly debated and constantly evolving. While some people unyieldingly charge forward on a mission to make the tech-human experience seamless, others are skeptical about the ramifications of allowing our tech to become part of us. Digitally Rendered Mind, a new video program being screened at the Northwest Film Forum, examines… Read More


GeekWire Calendar Picks: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in Seattle

With fall upon us, it’s a busy season for books, and a look at the GeekWire Calendar shows some great events coming up in Seattle featuring some newly-published authors. First, I’m fortunate to be interviewing Alexis Ohanian — entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of Reddit, Y Combinator “ambassador” and All-Around Defender of the Free Internet — about… Read More


Calendar Picks: MozCon and Games Games Games!

There’s fun stuff happening around the Pacific Northwest next week and we’ve pulled some choice events from the GeekWire Calendar for you – MozCon is coming up, which promises to be chock-full of useful tidbits and seminars, Code Fellows’ Women-Only edition of their bootcamp series seems intense (in a good way) plus plenty of games… Read More