Bungie unveils Destiny’s competitive multiplayer modes, release date for first expansion

As a part of Sony’s press conference at Gamescom today, Bungie unveiled some new details about content for “Destiny,” its forthcoming first-person shooter. First off, the company released a new trailer showing off the different Crucible competitive multiplayer modes that players will be able to try out, including a number of takes on standard FPS… Read More

Bobby Kotick

No pressure, Bungie: Activision sees ‘Destiny’ as a billion-dollar franchise

To say that gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting “Destiny,” the new sci-fi shooter from Bellevue-based Bungie, is an understatement. And now, it’s clear that Activision, which is publishing the game, has incredibly high hopes for what’s to come. “We have a strong product pipeline for the balance of the year, beginning with the September 9th… Read More


Bungie releases 7-minute gameplay video for ‘Destiny’

As Bungie gears up to release its highly-anticipated Destiny game, the Bellevue-based company today posted a 7-minute video clip showing footage from its new title. Destiny is Bungie’s first new game since it spun off from Microsoft in 2007. The first-person shooter lets players create customizable characters and travel to other planets after a cataclysm destroys much of Earth. As one of… Read More

Marty O'Donnell. Photo via Wikipedia.

Bungie ‘terminates’ Halo, Destiny music composer Marty O’Donnell

Marty O’Donnell, a longtime music composer for titles like Halo, Destiny, Riven and Myst, was fired by Bungie’s Board of Directors last week. O’Donnell revealed the news on his Twitter feed Tuesday evening, writing that “I’m saddened to say that Bungie’s board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.” Bungie, the Bellevue-based studio… Read More


Halo vet Joseph Staten returns to Microsoft after working on Bungie’s ‘Destiny’

Joseph Staten, a design director who worked on several Halo titles, is coming back to Microsoft. Staten spent the past 15 years with Bungie, the Bellevue-based studio that Microsoft acquired in 2000 and then split from in 2007. He was the lead writer for the company’s highly-anticipated Destiny game before departing last September, saying that… Read More


Halo’s Mister Chief: The story behind a ‘terrible idea that snowballed out of control’

Ten years ago, Mister Chief was a “terrible idea that spun out of control,” but now Frank O’Connor’s creation has found its way to an Xbox Live avatar costume this week. O’Connor, currently the Franchise Development Director for 343 Industries, penned a blog post today recounting the origins of the unofficial Halo mascot. O’Connor was working… Read More


VIDEO: What makes Seattle such an awesome gaming city

The list of game development companies in the Seattle area, from Valve to PopCap to 343, is certainly impressive. And to show how awesome the Emerald City’s gaming scene is, GameSpot just put out a really well-done video showcasing the talent here. They spoke with several of the city’s leading game devs, from Pete Parsons… Read More


New era for Bungie: First glimpse of Destiny, the next big thing from Halo’s creator

It would be hard for Bungie to top the success that Halo brought to the Bellevue-based video game company, but a new first-person shooter could have the ingredients to do just that. Bungie finally lifted the curtains on its online multiplayer game called Destiny, the first title under Bungie’s name since the company spun off from Microsoft… Read More


Bungie closes its Halo database with an epic infographic

Just how big are the Halo video games? Well, we’ve spent a combined 235,182 years playing them online — enough time to travel across the Milky Way, and back, at the speed of light. Halo gamers have killed each other more than 136 billion times, assisted each other 43 billion times, and collected more than 79… Read More


Bungie’s Crimson sets sail, reaches top of the iPad charts

Some people go camping on Labor Day Weekend, while others fire up the BBQ. But an awful lot of folks seem to have chosen to command a fleet full of steampunks. That’s the premise behind the new iPad game Crimson: Steam Pirates, published on Sept. 1 by Bungie Aerospace. The highly-anticipated title, developed by gaming veteran… Read More


Bungie Aerospace’s first project is an iPad game, will get PAX preview this weekend

Bungie Aerospace, a new effort by the creators of the blockbuster “Halo” franchise to partner with independent game developers, will preview the first fruits of that initiative at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend — giving attendees a chance to play selected missions from the iPad game Crimson: Steam Pirates, from Seattle-based game… Read More


New Bungie film goes behind the games (Watch it with us)

Bungie, the Seattle-area game studio best known for the blockbuster Halo franchise for Microsoft’s Xbox, just released a nearly hour-long documentary, “O Brave New World,” to mark its 20th anniversary. We’re watching it for the first time right now, and you can watch it, too, above. Right off the bat, we see the Penny Arcade… Read More


Getting games from good to great with Bungie’s Rick Lico

It’s an overcast summer’s evening in Seattle’s University District, and in the warehouse-like space in the back of an arts supply store, game designer Richard Lico is stabbing the air with his hands. “Immersion is what games are all about,” he says, emphasizing how a character’s movements can tell stories on their own. But getting someone… Read More


Microsoft says Halo 4 signals a new trilogy for Xbox 360

Microsoft this morning confirmed plans to extend the blockbuster Halo franchise for Xbox 360 with a new game, Halo 4, with a teaser video at the end of its media conference at the E3 video game convenion. Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s Xbox chief, went further by introducing it as the “dawn of a new trilogy for… Read More