Microsoft open-sources ‘Roslyn’ .NET compiler platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Open source fans, rejoice: Microsoft has released its new “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform preview as an open source project. That means developers can clone the company’s compiler for C# projects and add their own features, as well as suggest new features for Microsoft to implement in the compiler itself. Microsoft Technical Fellow… Read More


Step by step: Watch an iPad app transform for Windows 8

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the most interesting sessions this morning at Microsoft’s Build conference was on “Design Differences Between iOS and Windows 8,” led by Bart Claeys, the creative director from Seattle’s Ratio Interactive. As the title suggests, it was a deep dive into the nuances of the user interface and design principles of Windows… Read More


An ‘all-new Microsoft’ gets cheers from devs at Build

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft showed some new stripes and drew repeated cheers from the crowd of third-party developers at the company’s Build conference here this morning, demonstrating new tools meant to make it easier to develop apps for the cloud and devices. At one point, the company showed how to use a Mac to code… Read More


First look: Internet Explorer 11 ‘continuous browsing’ and Windows 8.1 Reading List

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team showed some of the key features of Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1 during an afternoon session here at the Build conference, including a cloud-based system that synchronizes favorites, browsing history, open tabs and user names and passwords across Windows 8.1 devices. Microsoft calls this “continuous browsing.” Check… Read More


How automatic app updates will work in Windows 8.1

SAN FRANCISCO — Windows 8 users who try out the Windows 8.1 preview will notice the return of the Start icon on the traditional desktop, among many other new features, but one of the most interesting changes is something that isn’t there: There’s no number on the Windows Store live tile indicating how many apps… Read More


Hello, Windows 8.1: Live from Microsoft Build Day 1

SAN FRANCISCO — I’m here in (almost) the front row at Microsoft’s Build developer conference. The company is getting ready to kick things off with a keynote address that will likely focus heavily on Windows 8.1, the major feature update expected to debut today in public preview. The event starts at 9 a.m., and I’ll… Read More

Ballmer on stage at Build this morning.

Microsoft’s Ballmer: 500,000 downloads of Windows 8

Posting from Anaheim: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in town for the company’s annual meeting with financial analysts this afternoon, is making a surprise appearance right now at the companion Build conference for hardware and software developers at the Anaheim Convention Center. Talking about the reception so far for Windows 8, Ballmer shared a bit of… Read More


How Microsoft interns blazed a trail for Windows 8 apps

Posting from Anaheim: Microsoft today is announcing a new toolkit to help independent software developers connect Windows 8 apps to services from the company’s Windows Azure cloud computing infrastructure — allowing a news app, for example, to easily receive and display a notification on its tile on the Windows 8 Start screen when an important bulletin… Read More


How to get Windows 8 right now — at your own risk

Posting from Anaheim: Following its preview of Windows 8 for hardware and software developers here yesterday, Microsoft last night released a very preliminary version of the new operating system for them to download, complete with the new “Metro” user interface. It’s not actually meant for widespread public use yet — that won’t be the case until the… Read More


Windows 8: Microsoft’s sexy new … Task Manager

Windows 8′s new tile-based interface is getting lots of attention today, but here’s some real eye candy for us computer nerds. Microsoft is overhauling the old-fashioned Windows Task Manager with new features, capabilities and graphics in Windows 8, providing some interesting new tools to people who like to tinker around under the hood of their… Read More


Windows Store to be exclusive channel for new ‘Metro’ apps

Posting from Anaheim: On stage right now at Microsoft’s Build conference, Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky is previewing Windows 8 and demonstrating how to create apps in Microsoft’s new “Metro” style — full-screen, web-friendly PC programs that rely heavily on touch-oriented gestures and leverage new features of the upcoming operating system. Sinofsky also just confirmed… Read More


This is Windows 8: Hands-on with Microsoft’s radically different operating system

Posting from Anaheim: Microsoft isn’t kidding when it says Windows 8 will be the biggest overhaul of its flagship operating system since the landmark Windows 95 release. Application tiles will replace icons, touch-oriented gestures will control major elements of the experience, and users will be able to summon up a menu of “charms” to help them along… Read More


Picture: On the scene at Microsoft Build in Anaheim

Posting from Anaheim: Microsoft’s Build conference doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday morning, but people have started to arrive, and the picture below at the Anaheim Convention Center gives you a sense for the balance Microsoft will be attempting to strike as it lifts the curtain on Windows 8. The motto is a reminder that, for… Read More