Opera browser update boosts Turbo, improves Speed Dial

New and upcoming versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have been getting a lot of attention lately, but Opera Software this morning came out with a smaller update that improves two key features in its Opera 11 browser. The company says the “Opera Turbo” feature in the Opera 11.10 update is 15 percent faster… Read More


Firefox: Something fishy about Microsoft’s IE9 aquarium

Since its earliest previews of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has been pointing to its IE9 Test Drive site for demos of speed, graphics and other aspects of browser performance. IE9 performs extremely well in the demos, and in many cases the results look almost embarrassing for Firefox and Chrome. So what’s going on behind the… Read More


Why Firefox 4 isn’t abandoning Windows XP

One of the most divisive aspects of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 release this week was the company’s decision to support only Windows Vista and Windows 7 with the new browser. That means it doesn’t work on the older Windows XP operating system. Plenty of people are defending Microsoft’s move — including tech media stalwarts PCWorld… Read More


Firefox 4 Release Candidate: Hot out of the oven

It’s a big day for new browsers, apparently. Several hours after Microsoft announced a March 14 release date for Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla this afternoon announced the availability of the release candidate for Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux. That’s the last major step before the final release, although the timing of the finished… Read More