Putting a limit on ‘unlimited:’ Clearwire booting contracts of its biggest data gobblers

Imagine going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and getting thrown out for eating too much. Replace the grub with internet data, and that’s what is happening to some Clearwire customers. Apparently, Clearwire’s “unlimited” data plans aren’t exactly “unlimited,” and some people are being kicked off the service because of over-usage. They’ve taken to the social media airwaves… Read More


Federal funding alone can’t deliver wireless broadband

Americans in urban and suburban areas take wireless service for granted. This is not so much so for those living in the rural and remote areas of the Washington where service is not always available. There are vast areas without 3G wireless coverage, much less the new 4G LTE technology. And because of the mountainous… Read More

Mayor Mike McGinn chats with former City of Seattle CTO Bill Schrier in Pioneer Square last year.

Seattle approves plan to lease fiber network to private firms

Seattle will now be able to lease unused fiber optic cabling throughout the city to private companies, possibly sparking faster Internet connectivity and creating a more competitive marketplace.  The Seattle City Council approved the measure today in a vote of 8-0. “The council’s vote allows us to challenge the private sector to use our unused fiber… Read More

P-I newspaper boxes. Photo Kurt Schlosser

Many residents in state live in ‘rural information ghetto’

Researchers at Washington State University have concluded that large segments of the state are marooned in what they call a “rural information ghetto,” stuck with a lack of news coverage exacerbated by poor Internet access, bad cellular coverage and dwindling local journalism. For example, the report notes that 3.8 percent of the state’s residents do not… Read More


Seattle ranks in top 5 for broadband download speed

Feeling a bit sluggish, Seattle? Perhaps a move to Austin, San Francisco or Boston will perk you up. Pando Networks, which delivers content and downloads for MMO games, has released its annual American Broadband Study. And in it, Seattle ranks fourth for average download speeds among the largest cities in the U.S., with an average… Read More


Broadband on a plane: Intellectual Ventures has a better way coming in 2014

Is Nathan Myhrvold about to improve your in-flight broadband connection? That’s one of the promises of a new type of antenna that Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures is developing, using synthetic substances known as metamaterials. The technology uses electronics to create a thin and lightweight antenna that can steers a radio-frequency beam on the fly, literally, to… Read More


Broadband: Does the city of Seattle really need to step in?

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is pushing to bring high-speed fiber-optic connections to businesses in the city, starting in Pioneer Square. But how far should the city go into an area where private companies compete? The latest episode of the public affairs program City Inside/Out on the Seattle Channel does a nice job exploring the debate over… Read More


Clearwire shifts another 700 workers off its books

What’s going to be left of Clearwire? That’s what we thought after the Kirkland broadband wireless company announced this morning that it will transition much of its customer service operations to TeleTech Holdings. As a result of the deal, 700 Clearwire employees in Florida and Nevada will transition to TeleTech. This marks an expansion of… Read More