Startup lesson #3: Don’t make up a brand, be yourself

[Editor's note: Seattle entrepreneurs Barry Chu and Dave Cotter share some of their startup lessons in starting the new mobile app SquareHub. The three-part series is running this week on GeekWire, starting Tuesday with their thoughts about minimum viable products. In part two, they talked about figuring out key product features. Part three, running here today, covers startup... Read More


Wapple vs. Womple: What’s really in a name?

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about Womple, a new startup out of Bellingham that’s developing easy ways to make mobile Web sites for restaurants, dentists and other small businesses. A bunch of folks read the story, including the CEO at a 10-year-old mobile app development shop out of the U.K. called Wapple…. Read More


InfoSpace changes name to Blucora

One of Seattle’s longest-running Internet brands is being swept into the dust bin of history — and some may say it is about time. InfoSpace, the dot-com survivor founded by Internet entrepreneur Naveen Jain in 1996, today announced that it is changing its name to Blucora Inc. As part of the move, the Bellevue company… Read More


The name Kindle Fire: Hot or not?

At first glance, Kindle Fire seems like a pretty good name. It uses a thematically coherent naming strategy, similar to the one that Apple used when it named the Macintosh, presumably inspired by the apple variety McIntosh. What’s more, the word fire, like the word apple, is simple and familiar, and has lots of metaphorical significance and emotional… Read More


In wake of Tulalip name dust-up, match these Microsoft code-names to the actual product

Is Microsoft’s use of the Tulalip name for a secret, internal social networking effort insensitive to the Native American tribe? That’s the question on the minds of some in Snohomish County where the Tulalips live. Here’s the back story: Last week, Microsoft inadvertently released a Web site touting a new social sharing service called,… Read More