1997 as seen from 1965

When technology – and time – overtake research

For the past three decades, I have been a psychological test subject. Not in a creepy NSA-and-tin-foil-hat kind of way, but as part of a long-term study designed to understand how mental abilities change as people age. Yet as time affects cognition, technology is encroaching on the study itself. The Seattle Longitudinal Study is something… Read More


Paul Allen’s Institute for Brain Science to move to Seattle’s South Lake Union area

Seattle’s fast-growing South Lake Union neighborhood is getting another boost — this time from the guy who is largely responsible for its transformation. Paul Allen’s Institute for Brain Science announced today that they will relocate their headquarters from Fremont to Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood — the neighborhood that Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate has transformed over… Read More

Allen Human Brain Atlas

Allen Institute: Human brains are more than 90% alike

The Allen Institute for Brain Science this morning revealed a first-of-its-kind map that charts the complex inner workings of the human brain at a level that the Seattle-based institute describes as unprecedented. Among the findings: Our brains are more than 90 percent similar to each another. “Until now, a definitive map of the human brain,… Read More