Brad Smith

Microsoft’s top lawyer: U.S. surveillance policies making it harder to do business overseas

SAN FRANCISCO – The United States’ approach to Internet privacy and surveillance needs to change, and U.S. government officials were wrong if they believed the furor over Edward Snowden’s leaks would simply blow over, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith told an audience here this morning. “It is not blowing over,” Smith said at the GigaOM Structure… Read More


Microsoft successfully blocked FBI from enterprise customer data request last year

In an effort to demonstrate its policy toward government requests for data, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith today detailed a now-public FBI Security Letter that Microsoft successfully blocked late last year. The FBI wanted information about individual subscriber accounts of a Microsoft enterprise customer and included a nondisclosure provision in its Letter. However, Microsoft pledges to challenge requests that prevent… Read More


What Snapchat teaches us about the way teens define privacy

When it comes to the generational differences between today’s youth and their parents or grandparents, there are the obvious ones: Fashion, music and slang are just a few. But what’s somewhat unique and specific to teens today is how they define the word “privacy” — and perhaps importantly, what that means for governments currently grappling… Read More

Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel

How Microsoft’s top lawyer would keep the NSA in check

In light of last year’s NSA revelations and more recently the Heartbleed security breach, how government balances the protection of personal information and national security has been a hot topic. This dilemma was the focus of an event at the University of Washington School of Law Tuesday morning, where experts from both the tech industry and government… Read More


Microsoft says it won’t search customer emails in leak cases

Following uproar over its handling of a recent intellectual property leak, Microsoft announced today that it will stop searching through emails if a similar situation arises in the future. “Effective immediately, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen intellectual or physical property from Microsoft, we will not inspect… Read More


Responding to Obama, Microsoft calls for international pact on digital surveillance

President Obama’s speech last week outlining his plan for reforming the NSA left many in the tech industry wanting much deeper reforms. One of them is Microsoft, which has had its services targeted by the NSA. In a post this week responding to Obama’s speech, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith calls for an “international legal framework” to restrict… Read More

Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel

Here’s what Microsoft plans to do about government surveillance

Microsoft is battening down the hatches when it comes to protecting its customers against government surveillance. In a blog post published tonight, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel, laid out the company’s plans for dealing with governments that want to get a hold of its users’ data. First and foremost, Microsoft now considers government surveillance to… Read More


Microsoft appeals to AG Holder, cites Constitutional right to address spying controversy

Microsoft today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, asking him or President Obama to personally intervene to allow the company “to share publicly more complete information about how we handle national security requests for customer information.” The company also disputed a report by the Guardian last week that said Microsoft gave the NSA the… Read More


Microsoft wants government to provide more transparency for security requests

Microsoft is now joining fellow tech giants Google and Facebook in asking the U.S. government for more transparency in regard to government requests for national security information. Microsoft issued this statement a short while ago, noting that it would like to provide more information than what showed up in the company’s 2012 Law Enforcement Request Report published last March…. Read More


Microsoft sees charitable efforts as key recruiting tool for young talent

While high-tech companies like Google and Facebook have made it tougher for Microsoft to recruit and retain top employees and engineers over the years, the Redmond-based software giant believes that its philanthropic efforts are attracting talent now more than ever. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, sat down with reporters after Microsoft marked its 30th Employee… Read More


Why Microsoft is pouring money into youth programs

Microsoft this morning unveiled a new direction for its global philanthropic initiatives, announcing a program called YouthSpark that aims to boost educational, employment and economic opportunities for young people around the world. The company says the majority of its philanthropic spending, including cash and technology donations, will now go toward programs and initiatives that support that mission… Read More