Chuck Adler: The Truth Behind Science Fiction

How much truth is in science fiction? For everyone who’s ever wanted to say “Beam me up Scotty,” physics professor Chuck Adler can tell you if it’s mathematically possible. He’s studied the world of fantasy and science fiction–from Ursula Le Guin to Harry Potter–and by using simple equations has discovered what is and is not… Read More


Revealed: The 7 answers to our Bill Gates Book Contest

One GeekWire reader is about to receive a nice post-Christmas gift — and he’s probably going to become a little bit smarter in the process. Congratulations to Jason Nickolay, the winner of our Bill Gates Book Contest. Nickolay, a native of Elko, Minn., correctly answered all seven questions about Bill Gates and will receive BillG’s seven… Read More


Here are the 7 best books Bill Gates read in 2013

If you’re looking for that perfect holiday gift for a book worm, Bill Gates has some recommendations. The Microsoft co-founder today posted a list of the seven books he read this year that were his favorites. Not all were necessarily published in 2013, but they all taught Bill G. something he didn’t know. “More generally,… Read More


Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian cracks the startup code in ‘Without Their Permission’

[Editor's Note: GeekWire's Todd Bishop will be talking with reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian about his book, "Without Their Permission," tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall in Seattle. Tickets are available here.] Growing up in suburban Maryland, Alexis Ohanian had the words “Lives Remaining: 0″ written on the wall of his room. He’s been leveling up like a… Read More


Amazon unveils Kindle MatchBook, turning physical books you’ve purchased over the years into digital copies is already doing it with CDs. Now, it’s turning its focus to books. The Seattle online retailer today unveiled a new service called Kindle MatchBook. Basically, it allows customers who’ve purchased books via over the past 15 years to convert those titles into Kindle copies, allowing readers to enjoy them in the new format. “If… Read More


Publishing power move? Amazon raising prices on some books has built its success in the book business over the years through dramatic price cuts, a strategic move which has all but wiped out the competition. Now, as The New York Times reports, the Seattle online retailer is raising prices on some select titles, causing some publishers and authors to wonder what’s going on…. Read More


The weight of words: Why I hope bookstores stick around

I was taking video of my baby’s small, assisted zig-zag steps between the shelves at Ravenna’s Third Place Books when I looked at him and said something surprising. “I hope bookstores still exist when you’re old enough to read.” Immediately I checked myself. Did I mean that? Yeah. Apparently I did. This was interesting. For… Read More


Bookworms unite! Amazon says these are the nation’s most well-read cities

Knoxville is full of romantic people, Cambridge has lots of entrepreneurs and Alexandria is a flat-out well-read city. Those are some of the conclusions we can make after seeing Amazon’s third annual list of the Most Well-Read Cities in America. Alexandria, Va. topped the list for the second consecutive year, while Seattle finished at No. 13 and… Read More


Report: Barnes & Noble considers future of the Nook

Nearly a year after Microsoft agreed to invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook business unit, the bookseller is seriously considering what to do with the electronic book reader. A report out from The New York Times, citing a person familiar with Barnes & Noble’s strategy, indicates that the company is possibly moving away from… Read More

Seattle Central Library. Photo: Jeff Wilcox.

Hey, Seattle: We’re not quite as book smart as 8 years ago

Think of Seattle. And whether it’s or Elliott Bay Book Company or the amazing main Seattle library, reading is a core fabric of our society. Heck, even Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s dad was a librarian for the University of Washington. Blame the rain. People here love books, and reading. But are we slipping when it… Read More