Bad-ass Boeing missile flies over buildings, fries computers with microwaves

This is stuff you only see in the movies. “Today, we made science fiction science fact,” says Keith Coleman, CHAMP Program Manager for Boeing Phantom Works, in the video above. And he’s right. In what could potentially change modern day warfare, Boeing and the U.S. Air Force successfully tested the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile… Read More


Boeing wants to take down space junk with clouds of gas

Orbital debris, also known as space junk, is a problem that many people in government and the commercial space industry are hoping to solve — clearing the Earth’s orbit of old satellites and other equipment. So here is Boeing’s idea: Get rid of the rubble with clouds of gas. In a patent application recently made… Read More

American Airlines 737-800 Eco Demonstrator In FlightK65743

Boeing tests fuel cell for electricity in 737 experiment

Boeing has outfitted a 737-800 with a variety of experimental technologies, including a fuel cell, to test new ways of reducing the airplane’s impact on the environment. The aircraft, built in the Seattle region and tested in the skies over Montana, was shown today by Boeing and American Airlines in Washington, D.C. It’s called the “ecoDemonstrator.” The… Read More


Boeing shows off Unmanned Little Bird autonomous copter

Builder of warcraft, hoster of Blue Angels and all-around badass in aerospace engineering, Boeing is showing off its Unmanned Little Bird, among other unmanned systems, in Las Vegas this week at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, or AUVSI, Unmanned Systems North America 2012 conference and exhibition. Whew. Insert Boeing gives the Bird joke… Read More


Patent holding firm settles with Boeing for $10 million

Pendrell Corp., the Kirkland patent holding firm led by former Clearwire execs, said today that it has withdrawn a petition for review with the California Supreme Court related to litigation involving its ICO Global Communications. Pendrell was initially awarded $603 million for breach of contract, fraud and tortious interference in 2008. But the California Court of Appeal reversed… Read More


Boeing sees foreign interest in Phantom Eye spy plane

Boeing has captured widespread attention with its liquid-hydrogen powered Phantom Eye autonomous plane — not just from the United States, but from other countries, as well. That was one of the more interesting tidbits from a telephone press briefing this afternoon with Boeing officials including Drew Mallow, Phantom Eye program manager — offering an update on the… Read More


SpaceX and beyond: Latest from the new space race

The docking of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule with the International Space Station is a landmark for the private space industry, marking the first time a commercial spacecraft has flown a mission to the International Space Station, to deliver supplies. SpaceX is one of many companies developing commercial space technologies and planning to launch their own spacecraft… Read More


Boeing’s first iPad app is a digital coffee-table book

Boeing today released its first app for the iPad, but anyone hoping for something innovative to use in seat 37D will be disappointed. It’s geared for aviation fans, not travelers, and it looks back more than it does ahead. That said, it’s a very nice-looking app, and it’s free. The “Milestones in Innovation” app offers… Read More


Pictures: Boeing drops its spaceship from 14,000 feet

 Here’s another milestone in the commercial space race: Boeing says it completed a successful test yesterday of the parachute drop system for its CST-100 spacecraft, releasing the capsule from a helicopter at 14,000 feet. Boeing says the test, conducted over the Delamar Dry Lake Bed near Alamo, Nev., involved the entire landing system of the… Read More


Boeing to acquire software company Inmedius to boost ‘digital airline’ strategy

Boeing has reached a deal to buy Inmedius, a software company based in Pittsburgh that makes software for managing and distributing technical information. Think of it as “big data” in the air. The deal, announced this morning, will support Boeing’s “digital airline” strategy — an initiative to help airlines gather and make sense of the large amounts… Read More


Comments of the week: Will this phone really take off?

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “Do you have to turn off *this* phone during takeoff and landing?” –GeekWire reader Lawrence Lam commenting on news that aerospace giant Boeing plans to develop a new phone based on the Android operating system. “I hope the phone takes off. Pun intended.”–GeekWire reader… Read More


A Boeing phone: Aerospace giant making Android device

Boeing is jumping into the smartphone business, developing a new mobile device  – but we probably won’t be buying this one at our local wireless store. The company is working on a secure communications device for the U.S. government defense and security market, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed this morning. The news was reported… Read More


Boeing spaceship emerging from Space Shuttle’s shadow

Boeing is showing that it’s serious about developing a new spaceship, announcing that it will base the operations and manufacturing for its Crew Space Transportation program at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the longtime home of the Space Shuttle program. The company’s CST-100 spacecraft will hold up to seven people. It’s designed initially for… Read More


Boeing picks Android for 787 entertainment systems

Boeing is outfitting its new 787 Dreamliners with servers and touch-screens using Google’s Android operating system to provide music, video and apps to passengers in the new aircraft, according to a report today by Australian Business Traveller, citing information from a Boeing technical manager. That effectively elbows out Apple, whose iPad has been making inroads… Read More

Credit: The Boeing Co. (2005 file photo)

Now arriving in Puget Sound: A gigantic, floating, missile-detecting snow globe

Don’t be concerned if you see this gigantic seaborne platform, pictured above, motoring into Puget Sound sometime today. The aliens haven’t arrived. But if they ever do, this thing will definitely know if they’re firing missiles at us. It’s technical name is Sea-Based X-Band Radar, or SBX, part of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based… Read More