A peek inside Boeing’s new spaceship: Tablets, LED lights and minimal controls

From the outside, Boeing’s new spacecraft mimics the Apollo-era capsules from back in the day. The interior, however, is all about the future. Boeing today showed off the inside of its CST-100, a commercial spacecraft the company is building in hopes of flying NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. On Monday at Boeing’s Product Support Center… Read More


Engineering students want jobs at NASA, Google, Boeing, Apple and Microsoft — in that order

If space is the final frontier, today’s engineering students want to be a part of exploring it, according to a new survey. Universum has released its annual rankings of employers by undergraduate engineering students in the US, and the results are clear: NASA is still a top draw for America’s rising engineering talent, even as… Read More


Report: Boeing to cut 1,500 IT workers in Seattle area

The market for information technology professionals is red hot in some aspects of the Seattle technology industry, with companies like Tableau, Zillow and not able to hire fast enough. But it is a different story at Boeing. The aerospace giant is expected to cut 1,500 IT workers over the next three years, about a… Read More


B-52 2.0: Boeing’s bombers can now change missions, redirect weapons in flight

In the past, B-52 bombers would simply receive mission information before a flight and then head up into the air. But now, thanks to an upgrade from Boeing, these high-powered bombers will be able to receive information in-flight from aircrews via satellite links and change mission plans or redirect weapons. Boeing Defense, Space & Security, a unit… Read More


Back in the air: FAA approves 787 battery design changes

After three months of grounding, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is set to fly again. The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s 787 battery changes and has agreed to lift the grounding order that was placed back in January. After a flurry of overheating lithium ion battery problems and emergency landings in Japan three months ago, the FAA ordered all U.S.-based… Read More


F.A.A. approves Boeing certification plan to test 787 battery fixes

The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s certification plan to test the 787 Dreamliner’s battery system. Late last month, Boeing presented proposed changes to the FAA and several outlets reported that the FAA was to start flight testing as early as last week. But the FAA denied those reports, calling them “completely inaccurate.” Now, however, it has given… Read More


This spy plane flies in 120-degree heat and lands on water

Insitu, the Boeing-owned unmanned aircraft maker, just completed its first successful test flight for the Integrator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Block 2, the latest release of the Integrator system. The technology upgrades include an extended temperature limit of 120 degrees and an improved sensor turret that helps identify objects more clearly during day and night missions. “We… Read More


Boeing creates website to explain 787 problems

To help you better understand what exactly is going on with the 787 Dreamliner fiasco, Boeing has created an informational website. After a flurry of lithium-ion battery problems and emergency landings in Japan, the Federal Aviation Administration last month ordered all U.S.-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners until it’s proven that the batteries are safe and in… Read More


VIDEO: Boeing’s badass Phantom Eye spy plane completes taxi tests

Boeing’s liquid hydrogen-powered high altitude autonomous Phantom Eye plane is inching closer toward flight again. The Phantom Eye completed taxi tests yesterday at Edwards Air Force Base in California and reached speeds of 46 miles an hour. The unique aircraft, with a 150-foot wingspan, is designed for “persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and communications.” In… Read More


Elon Musk wants to help Boeing with its problems

Boeing has been having some major problems lately and Elon Musk is offering a helping hand. Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Tweeted that “Maybe already under control, but Tesla & SpaceX are happy to help with the 787 lithium ion batteries.” Whether he’s serious or not is up to you to decide. The… Read More


Breaking: FAA orders all US-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners

After a flurry of problems and emergency landings in Japan, the Federal Aviation Administration today ordered all U.S.-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners. This comes just hours after Japan’s two biggest airlines, All Nippon and Japan Airlines, grounded their fleet of 24 787s. On an All Nippon domestic flight today, instruments triggered emergency warnings… Read More


Just in case: FAA says Boeing 787 is safe, will still conduct comprehensive review

Even though both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration insist the Dreamliner is safe, the government will still be conducing a “comprehensive” review of Boeing’s 787 following last week’s electrical mishaps. The FAA announced today that it will launch a safety review of the 787′s critical systems, including the “design, manufacture and assembly.” Last Monday,… Read More


Boeing fills plane with potatoes for WiFi breakthrough

Boeing says it has developed a new method for measuring and analyzing wireless signals inside airplanes, a technological breakthrough that promises to improve the quality of wireless Internet connectivity in passenger cabins. And they’ve confirmed that it works by filling a plane with sacks of potatoes. No, the potatoes themselves aren’t the technological breakthrough. The… Read More


From Boeing to Microsoft Bob: Innovation in the spotlight at Seattle’s new history museum

Seattle’s history is very much tied to innovation, whether it’s Bill Boeing’s early aircraft or Bill Gates’ early software. And those breakthrough technologies — as well as dozens of others — are on full display at Seattle’s new Museum of History and Industry. After years in development and more than $90 million in renovation costs,… Read More


Boeing engineer hopes sports app soars above competition

There is no doubt that the social sports playing field is a crowded one, but one Boeing Flight Deck iPad application engineer is hoping he’s found the right formula. Benjamin Monnig develops the iPad user interface for airplane cockpits during the day, but he’s spent the past five months working evenings and weekends building up… Read More