Insitu's ScanEagle

Unmanned surveillance aircraft maker Insitu takes flight with new CEO

Insitu has a new leader at the helm. The Boeing maker of unmanned aircraft systems, including the ScanEagle and Integrator, appointed Ryan Hartman as president and CEO. He replaces Steve Morrow, who is retiring. “Insitu invented the agile small tactical unmanned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance category and continues to be a leader in the industry,”… Read More


Video: Air show cracks down on stunts after Boeing Dreamliner performs wicked touch-and-go maneuver

Boeing was being a little too badass this week at the Farnborough Air Show. Boeing pilots performed a difficult maneuver on Monday, landing its 787-9 Dreamliner jet on a runway before quickly taking off again seconds later during what’s called a touch-and-go. You can watch it here, starting at the 1:10 mark. But the next day, Air Show authorities said that the… Read More


Boeing buys another European airplane software company, this time AerData

For the second time in less than a week, Boeing has bought another tech company. The aviation giant today announced the acquisition of AerData, a Netherlands-based airplane software maker. AerData’s products include engine management systems, repair maps, and lease management software. The 120-person company also provides both software and technical support services to airlines and other… Read More


Boeing bans headphones, forces employees to stand still while answering phone calls

Boeing employees have a new rule to follow while working: No more headphones. New safety measures implemented later this month will ban the use of headphones for Boeing employees working in operations, production and transportation areas, according to That’s not all, though. Employees in those areas must now answer work-related phone calls while standing in one… Read More


Asiana Airlines places partial blame on aircraft software for last year’s crash at SFO: Boeing cites pilot error

Pilot error? Software issue? Or a combination of both? Those are the questions lingering after Boeing and Asiana Airlines submitted reports today to the National Transportation Safety Board regarding flight 214, which crashed upon descent at San Francisco International Airport last July. Three passengers were killed during the landing, and more than 200 were injured…. Read More


Boeing prepares drones in case of another mudslide disaster

Drones may soon deliver products, provide Internet to everyone and now, the unmanned aerial vehicles are set to help emergency responders if the mudslide disaster in Oso, Wash., becomes worse. Insitu, the Boeing-owned unmanned aircraft maker, has prepared drones at Paine Field in Everett, Wash., that could fly over and monitor the area around the… Read More


Boeing set to deliver first all-electric satellites by 2015

Boeing is on track to launch the world’s first all-electric satellites by early 2015, as a part of an agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite and Eutelsat, the company announced today. The company completed static qualification testing, verification and assembly of the primary structures for two 702SP communication satellites, meaning the satellites are well on their way… Read More


Gov. Inslee ‘disappointed’ as Boeing moves up to 1,200 tech jobs out of Washington state

Aerospace giant Boeing is restructuring its Research & Technology Unit, shifting between 800 to 1,200 jobs from Washington state to new R&D locations in Huntsville, Ala.; Southern California; St. Louis and North Charleston, S.C. “We are reorganizing and realigning our research-and-technology operations to better meet the needs of our Commercial Airplanes and Defense, Space & Security business… Read More


Geek of the Week: David Mattes is bringing security to the ‘Internet of Things’

David Mattes was a research engineer for Boeing for more than 13 years — playing a key role in the aerospace company’s transition to wireless networks for the connected systems and machines used to assemble airplanes. That shift from wired connections opened up new technological possibilities, and resulted in fewer cords on the factory floor,… Read More

boeing building

Boeing preps for possible future without BlackBerry, tests Android alternatives

Boeing is telling employees that it’s sticking with BlackBerry as its “standard mobile platform” after receiving assurances from BlackBerry executives about the smartphone maker’s dedication to providing a “secure, private environment” for business. However, as a contingency, the aerospace giant is also accelerating its certification of Android devices as a potential alternative. It’s one example… Read More

Mobile Line Maintenance Applications

Boeing iPad apps help airline technicians fix problems, reduce flight delays

The iPad isn’t just helping the airline industry in the cockpit. Now, Boeing is offering a suite of mobile apps that it says will assist airline technicians in diagnosing maintenance issues, ultimately saving paper and reducing flight delays in the process. The iPad apps give technicians working on Boeing airplanes instant access to manuals, part… Read More