Bluetooth gives devs an onramp to Internet of Things with new starter kit

Developers interested in trying their hands at apps that tap into low-power Bluetooth Smart technology now have an official guided tour to ease their way into working with hardware. The Bellevue-based Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which oversees the development of Bluetooth specifications, has released a free Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit that’s designed to make it easy for… Read More

Suke Jawanda

Here’s an exclusive look at what’s coming to your mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.1

Soon, your Bluetooth-enabled wearables should be able to talk directly to one another, rather than having to route all their traffic through your smartphone or another hub device. Bluetooth 4.0, otherwise known as Bluetooth SMART, enabled Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another while maintaining a low power draw. It’s what keeps your Fitbit in… Read More

Mark Powell

New leader says Bluetooth has ‘just scratched the surface’

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, an industry consortium headquartered in the Seattle region, this morning named a new executive director, wireless veteran Mark Powell, who will oversee efforts to push the short-range wireless technology into new settings and applications. Powell, previously an executive with Kineto Wireless, which he co-founded in 2001, has worked in the… Read More