Search stats: Bing gaining market share as Yahoo slips

The monthly U.S. search stats from comScore are out for June and Microsoft continues to grow its search share while Yahoo keeps sliding. Google held the top spot with 66.7 percent market share with no change from last month. Microsoft Bing, however, saw a 0.5 percent uptick to 17.9 percent while Yahoo fell 0.5 percentage points down… Read More


Twitter using Bing to translate tweets automatically

Microsoft has come up with some pretty cool language translation applications over the past year, and now Twitter is getting in on the fun. The social network giant is testing out a built-in MIcrosoft Bing translation tool that allows users to translate tweets with one click. One person I follow that tweets a lot in a foreign… Read More

Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft CEO Summit 2013. (Microsoft Photo).

Microsoft reorg: Don’t expect big cost-cutting, says analyst

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s move to shake up the company’s internal management structure, rumored for months, will be getting lots of attention this week. It’s the first day of Microsoft’s new fiscal year, and there have been reports that the changes could be announced internally as early as today. But regardless of the timing, one… Read More


Microsoft exec: Siri integration will make Bing better

Microsoft exec Gurdeep Singh Pall is speaking right now at the SMX Advanced search industry conference in Seattle, and host Danny Sullivan spent some time pressing for details on the company’s newly announced deal with Apple to integrate Bing into the Siri personal assistant in iOS 7. Pall seemed to be doing his best not to… Read More


Surprise: Apple’s Siri adopts Microsoft Bing for web search

Apple will incorporate web search results from Microsoft Bing into its voice-enabled Siri personal assistant in iOS 7, the Cupertino-based company said today as it unveiled the next operating system for iPhone and iPad. It’s a major win for Microsoft in its effort to gain traction for its search engine, and highlights the ongoing tension… Read More


Bing Translator App out for Windows 8, lets you understand foreign words with a camera

Microsoft launched the Bing Translator for Windows Phone last November, but today it’s now available on Windows 8 and supports more than 40 languages. The Windows 8 version includes several of the same features, like text translation, text-to-speech and offline support. My personal favorite is how the app combines augmented reality with a camera and speech/text translation so that you… Read More


tlhIngan Hol mughwI’ launchHeS microsoft bing

That headline is Klingon for “Microsoft Bing launches Klingon language translator.” We know this because we’ve been having fun — perhaps a little too much fun — with the Redmond company’s latest creation, an homage to Star Trek that launched today as a new feature of the Microsoft Bing Translator. The Klingon feature was developed… Read More


Microsoft cites progress on Yahoo search ads, says it’s still committed to providing an alternative to Google

Microsoft’s search advertising group says it’s starting to wring more revenue out of the Internet search ads that it’s serving as part of its partnership with Yahoo — despite recently needing to extend, for another year, its commitment to cover revenue shortfalls experienced by Yahoo under the arrangement. The news follows a report by the Wall Street… Read More


Klout Experts: A new Q+A platform that appears atop Bing search results

Social media metrics company Klout is making a move into the social question-and-answer space and is getting some distribution help from Bing to make it happen. Klout, a platform which measures your social media influence, today introduced Klout Experts. Here’s how it works: Klout “experts,” or those who have heavy influence in certain areas like technology and food,… Read More


Search stats: Google slips, Microsoft continues slow growth

The monthly U.S. search stats from comScore are out for March and it shows Google slipping just a bit with Microsoft continuing to grow its search share, albeit slowly. Google dropped 0.4 percentage points last month, falling to 67.1 percent of the U.S. search engine market. Microsoft, meanwhile, grew 0.2 percentage points to 16.9. That’s… Read More


Bing adds ‘Pin It’ Pinterest feature to image search

Bing is making “Pinning” to Pinterest easy. Today the Microsoft search engine introduced a “Pin to Pinterest” feature that allows users to pin images straight from Bing to their Pinterest boards. The goal is to save people time and remove the need for extra bookmarklets in the browser. The inspiration for Microsoft came when they invited… Read More

First 100 Days_Team

Apps for Autism: Results from a Bing Fund hackathon

Last week we told you about a weekend hackathon, organized by Microsoft’s Bing Fund and community partners, that brought together developers, designers and other experts to come up with technologies to address issues related to autism. So what did they come up with? A lot. The teams worked on 13 prototypes in all, addressing a range of issues faced… Read More


Microsoft’s Windows Phone getting faster speech input

One of the difficult parts about shifting from iPhone to Windows Phone has been giving up the (near) real-time speech recognition that Google has been offering as part of its native iOS search app. The feature was impressive enough to make the updated Google app for iPhone and iPad our App of the Week last… Read More


3 ways to enhance your State of the Union viewing experience

President Barack Obama will deliver his fourth State of the Union address tonight at 6 p.m PST with Apple CEO Tim Cook on hand. It will be interesting to see if Obama speaks about technology and/or entrepreneurship — if you recall last year’s speech, Obama sounded more like a venture capitalist than the president of the United… Read More

The old Bing logo

Bing beefs up social sidebar with more Facebook content

Just two days after landing a big partnership with Facebook’s new Graph Search, Bing today announced more robust Facebook integration with Microsoft’s search engine. Currently when you search on Bing, the right-hand sidebar provides “Social Results” with your Facebook friends’ “Likes,” photos and profile information, given that your Facebook account is connected. But beginning today,… Read More

The old Bing logo

Big win for Microsoft: Facebook partnering with Bing for “Graph Search”

While employees at Google may be worried about Facebook’s latest move, the Bing people over at Microsoft are pumping their fists. That’s because Facebook is partnering with Bing for its new search product called “Graph Search.” Graph Search is all about helping Facebook users search for things their friends have shared. For example, you can find… Read More