Microsoft’s new Photosynth takes 3D photo stitching to a new level of realism

Microsoft unveiled a preview of its third-generation Photosynth photo-stitching application today, showing off new levels of smoothness and resolution that add more realism to the resulting interactive 3D “synths.” The result feels at times more like an interactive video scene than a collection of photos. Here’s an example of a scene created by the new… Read More


Bing Maps pours in 270TB of Bird’s Eye imagery, beefs up venue maps

In its latest update to Bing Maps, Microsoft just published a very large amount (270TB) of Bird’s Eye imagery — 100,000 DVD’s worth — and beefed up its Venue Maps feature with 4,700 new additions. Contrary to top-down satellite images, the Bird’s Eye viewpoint captures imagery at a 45-degree angle. You can check out some examples the newly-added… Read More


Microsoft Bing takes Streetside out of the bubble

Microsoft today rolled out a new version of its Streetside feature for Bing Maps that is getting some credit for at least taking a different approach than Google’s Street View. The biggest change is the elimination of the 360-degree “bubble” view in favor of an approach that flattens out the images into a long horizontal… Read More