Bill Gates to keynote SXSWedu conference

While much of the tech world’s attention is focused on Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show (and Microsoft’s lack of a keynote or exhibit space), the upcoming SXSWedu conference has announced its first keynote: Bill Gates. SXSWedu is the newest in the family of SXSW (“South by Southwest”) events, which include the popular nine-day conference in… Read More

sociology 200

Highlighter, 20MM release free interactive sociology book

Do you remember hitting ye olde campus bookstore back in your college days and getting sticker-shock from the final tally on your books? Yep, it’s expensive. Educational nonprofit 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM) and publishing platform developer Highlighter announced their partnership on a new book for fall, Introduction to Sociology. And it’s free. Both organizations… Read More


Bullets hit Gates Foundation HQ in weekend incident

A weekend shooting near Seattle Center damaged windows at the headquarters of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Seattle Police Department says. No one was injured, and the Gates Foundation doesn’t appear to have been the target of the shooting, which also damaged cars that were parked in the neighborhood. The Gates Foundation moved… Read More


Microsoft and education: lead or cheerlead?

In the Seattle area there is a powerhouse co-founded by Bill Gates, dedicated to using advances in technology to change education. And then there is Microsoft. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has, over the past several years, poured hundreds of millions of dollars into education reform in the U.S. With grants to, and through,… Read More


Practical Nerd: Irresistible startups, immovable education

I’ve advised a number of startups over the years and have been directly part of at least two. I discovered what many entrepreneurs know: it’s a maddening, exhausting, adrenaline-filled, glorious existence in which there’s never enough time, resources, sleep or toilet paper (when I was at iCopyright we brought our own). So when I heard there… Read More


Seattle Children’s lands $2.3M Gates Foundation grant for innovative respiratory device

Seattle Children’s Research Institute has secured a $2.3 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to finish developing the prototype for an innovative, low-cost respiratory device designed to support breathing in infants born prematurely. The device is intriguing in part because it’s expected to be significantly cheaper than conventional ventilators to produce, operate and maintain…. Read More

Bill Gates (GeekWire photo)

Bill Gates big on digital reading, voice recognition, ubiquitous screens

The Daily Mail of London’s Live magazine published an interesting and at times insightful interview with Bill Gates over the weekend. The purpose was to discuss an initiative to raise billions in funding for childhood immunizations. But the interview also delved into subjects including technology, Gates’ legacy and his post-Microsoft life. Some of our favorite nuggets … He… Read More


Practical Nerd: Three ‘secrets’ of the digital classroom

If you think you understand what’s happening in digital education because you follow digital consumer or business developments, think again. Because there are three digital technologies changing K-12 education that you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve worked in both consumer and education digital technology for nearly 20 years. The prevailing wisdom used to be that,… Read More


Bill Gates on Philanthropy: A How-To Guide for Techies

For many years, technology executives would crowd into conference halls to listen to Bill Gates, hoping to glean some insight that might help them in their own businesses. The scene was much the same Tuesday night on the Microsoft campus, but the subject was philanthropy instead. A relaxed and candid Gates spoke at length about… Read More