Bill Gates

Watch: Bill Gates picks his 13 favorite TED talks

Polio. Data. Education. These are all interests of Bill Gates, so it was no surprise to see the topics appear on his list of his top TED talks. The folks at TED asked Gates to name his favorite talks and though it was difficult for him, the Microsoft co-founder picked 13 of his favorites. Subjects include… Read More

Satya Nadella

Microsoft names Satya Nadella CEO; Bill Gates stepping down as chairman to serve as tech adviser

Microsoft has named longtime executive Satya Nadella as its new CEO — picking a respected internal candidate to lead the aging technology giant through a period of unprecedented change and challenges to its business. The company also said that Bill Gates will step down as Microsoft chairman to serve as a technology adviser, “supporting Nadella… Read More


Who is Satya Nadella? Getting to know Microsoft’s nerdy, charismatic heir apparent

This just in: Microsoft employees outside the Redmond Azteca think Satya Nadella would be a pretty good CEO, probably. Yes, six months after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement, we might finally have a winner. Bloomberg reported Thursday that Microsoft’s board is preparing to name Nadella, the company’s cloud and enterprise chief, as its next CEO —… Read More

Satya Nadella

Report: Microsoft may replace Gates as chairman, close to naming Nadella as CEO

Microsoft is close to naming its top cloud and enterprise executive Satya Nadella its next CEO, and the company may replace iconic co-founder Bill Gates as chairman, according to a report by Bloomberg News this afternoon. The report, citing anonymous sources briefed on the selection process, cautioned that “the plans aren’t finished.” However, a report… Read More

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Checkmate! Bill Gates gets trounced by chess champ

It seems like Bill Gates has been having a lot of fun on late night talk shows these days. First there was his appearance on Jimmy Fallon (complete with viral video), and now he’s taken to Norway’s airwaves. This time around, instead of a manufactured viral video, Gates squared off against world chess champion Magnus Carlsen… Read More

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Slideshow: The many silly outfits of Bill Gates

When Bill Gates took to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Microsoft co-founder was really interested in getting the word out about, which is hosting the Gates Foundation’s annual letter (once Fallon had hidden his MacBook.) And really, what better way to do that than offer up a viral video, complete with Gates donning… Read More


Bill Gates: India being polio-free is ‘one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health’

For the past three years, not a single person in India has been diagnosed with polio. The country is now officially polio-free — an extremely impressive achievement when you consider India’s recent history with the disease. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared his thoughts today and called the milestone “one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health, ever.” “India… Read More


Revealed: The 7 answers to our Bill Gates Book Contest

One GeekWire reader is about to receive a nice post-Christmas gift — and he’s probably going to become a little bit smarter in the process. Congratulations to Jason Nickolay, the winner of our Bill Gates Book Contest. Nickolay, a native of Elko, Minn., correctly answered all seven questions about Bill Gates and will receive BillG’s seven… Read More


Microsoft’s 2014 will be defined by a new CEO … if Ballmer and Gates can let go

One of the best moments in the Fremont Players’ production of “Dick Whittington and His Cat” — a British Panto on stage in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood — comes when one of the characters, Fairy Bowbelles, tries to download her spells and charms from “the cloud,” without any luck. She never should have updated to Windows 8, she… Read More


GeekWire Radio: Amazon at $400, favorite gadgets of 2013, and the new world of airplane tech etiquette

We have a lot to talk about this week on the GeekWire radio show, starting with Amazon’s gravity-defying share price, passing $400/share for the first time this past week. Despite the company’s tradition of razor-thin profit margins, investors seem to have faith in Jeff Bezos’ long-term vision — or at least in Amazon’s ability to… Read More


Contest: Answer 7 questions about Bill Gates for a chance to win his top 7 books of 2013

Bill Gates certainly knows a lot of stuff, from computer software to global health, and much more. This contest is a bonus for GeekWire Daily Digest subscribers. Subscribe for free to be eligible for the prize! But as evidenced by his love for reading books, the Microsoft co-founder likes learning something new every day. His seven favorite books from… Read More