Bill and Melinda Gates at this year's Stanford Commencement.

Bill and Melinda Gates tell Stanford grads to seek social good, not just financial gain

Bill and Melinda Gates told Stanford students at commencement yesterday that they should bring the school’s innovative spirit with them into the working world, but they shouldn’t lose sight of social good in the quest to generate profits. In the first joint commencement speech in Stanford history, the pair spoke highly of the school’s culture of innovation,… Read More


Bill Gates: India being polio-free is ‘one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health’

For the past three years, not a single person in India has been diagnosed with polio. The country is now officially polio-free — an extremely impressive achievement when you consider India’s recent history with the disease. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared his thoughts today and called the milestone “one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health, ever.” “India… Read More


Melinda Gates now has a comic book about her life

Up until now, Bill Gates was likely the only member of his family to have a comic book written about his life. Not anymore. Vancouver, WA.-based Blue Water Productions is back with another tech-related comic book and this time it features Melinda Gates, the well-known spouse to Bill G. As part of its Female Force series that highlights… Read More


Bill Gates’ first post on LinkedIn: ’3 things I’ve learned from Warren Buffett’

Learning the game of bridge isn’t the only thing Warren Buffet has taught Bill Gates. In Gates’ first-ever post on LinkedIn titled “Three Things I’ve Learned from Warren Buffett,” the Microsoft co-founder sheds light on the lessons he’s gleaned from his good friend. Gates writes about the first time he met Buffett over a dinner his mother… Read More

Bill Gates

Bill Gates at SXSWedu: The future of education is data

If there was a single nerdy subtext that Bill Gates brought to his closing keynote at the SXSWedu conference in Austin, it was the importance of data. Useful data. Education data. Gates, as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was the headliner to a standing-room only crowd of roughly 2,500 at SXSWedu, the… Read More


From Bill Gates to Google, Startup Weekend is on a roll

The folks over at Startup Weekend continue to pull in key partnerships as they look to spread the gospel of entrepreneurship throughout the world. After recently inking deals with the Kauffman Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google today announced that it was entering into a two-year sponsorship arrangement with the Seattle-based non-profit…. Read More