Ex-Microsofties raise $1.2M for high-tech beer-brewing machine

Turns out there’s quite a demand — and investor interest — for at-home beer brewing systems. We last wrote about PicoBrew this past September, noting the Seattle startup’s fully automatic all-grain beer brewing system that’s the size of a microwave. After absolutely obliterating its crowdfunding campaign goal and raising $661,026 from Kickstarter backers eight months ago, PicoBrew just completed a $1.2 million… Read More


Hi-tech keg: Zillow engineers build tablet-controlled, web-enabled Kegerator for office

Every few months, the engineers over at Zillow put on a Hack Week where teams spend seven days working on all kinds of cool projects that improve internal efficiency. While this one might not necessarily help the Seattle online real estate company’s bottom line, the Zillow Kegerator is pretty damn cool.   With the help of the open-source KegBot… Read More

Raghav Kher

Beer-loving serial entrepreneur Raghav Kher touts LetsPour

Raghav Kher has started companies around online marketplaces (Imandi.com); IT automation (Rendition Networks); and movie rentals (India’s Seventymm). Now, the Seattle area entrepreneur, inspired by a trip to Oregon’s wine and beer country a few years ago, is going after his true passion: Beer. Kher has partnered with former Rendition Networks engineer Rick Lamareaux to… Read More


Taplister helps beer-lovers find what’s on tap

In the Pacific Northwest, breweries are about as common as the rain. Yet for some dubious reason, GQ left out both Portland and Seattle in its list of the five best beer cities in the country. Perhaps the GQers had a bit too much to drink while ranking the cities. Yelp lists 43 breweries near downtown… Read More