Portland’s Bettery partners with Safeway to install rechargeable battery swap kiosks

The next time you go shopping at Safeway, there very well could be a Coinstar-like kiosk that lets you buy and swap rechargeable batteries. Portland-based Bettery today announced a partnership with Safeway that will feature Bettery swap stations at select stores in the Pacific Northwest later this month. Bettery, founded in 2011, builds kiosks that allow people… Read More


15 hours on a single charge? New MacBook Air’s battery life gets rave reviews

While it certainly wasn’t the biggest story out of WWDC, Apple’s new MacBook Air notebooks are garnering rave reviews. On the surface, not much has changed with Apple’s line of ultraportables. The Air still sports the same display, ports and form factor. According to Macworld‘s benchmarking, the computer’s new Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics card… Read More


Back in the air: FAA approves 787 battery design changes

After three months of grounding, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is set to fly again. The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s 787 battery changes and has agreed to lift the grounding order that was placed back in January. After a flurry of overheating lithium ion battery problems and emergency landings in Japan three months ago, the FAA ordered all U.S.-based… Read More