Superman, where you at? Emerald City Comicon website hacked

Maybe it was Joker. Possibly Lex Luthor. Could have been Bane. It’s unclear exactly which villain hacked the Emerald City Comicon’s website and backup files, but organizers of one of the country’s biggest comic book conventions are now scrambling to build a new website. The timing of the hacking is worrisome, as the convention is just a month away… Read More

superhero wedding

Nerd Notes: Showering with Star Wars, peeing with video games and wedding with capes

Looks like the T-Mobile jingle isn’t going to survive the AT&T acquisition.  RIP little jingle. Bane gives his best over-the-shoulder glance in the first image of him released from Christopher Nolan’s latest bat flick “The Dark Knight Rises”. Purina Petcare made up a few iPad apps for cats and it’s taking every bit of self respect I… Read More